The Horse That Pooped Frost

Remember those ridiculous conversations you used to have when you were a teenager or maybe while sitting around procrastinating with friends in college, up during all hours of the night, sometimes affected by substances?  I had no idea before becoming a mom that having children was a gateway back into those conversations that can turn the ride home from church into a fit of laughter that leaves you in tears.  Just this morning I enjoyed this one…

Me: “There is a giant beagle in that yard and it’s tummy is almost on the ground!”

Husband: “You can see a beetle from in the car?”

Me: “Beagle. BEAGLE.”

Daughter: “I wonder how Snowflake is doing.”

Me: “Snowflake is…”

Daughter: “My horse.”

Me: “Is this horse a stuffed buddy, a Japanese eraser, or an imaginary friend?”

Daughter: “Friend.”

Me: “Well, as long as he doesn’t poop on my good rug, he’s welcome to stay.”

Daughter: “Well, if he does poop on the rug, he’ll clean it up himself.”

Me: “WOW. That’s one fantastic horse.”

Daughter: “Only, there might be some frost.”

Me: “Your horse poops frost?”

Daughter: “No, he doesn’t poop frost, he leaves a trail of frost.”

Me: “A horse that poops frost would be awesome.”

Daughter: “Well mom, you’re welcome to have a horse that poops frost, but my horse does NOT poop frost.”

Son: “I think I just frosted on the seat.”

Who knew parenting would be this much fun?


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