The Disney Junior Channel is Here!

Every mom of little Disney fans knows that the time of day when “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” disappears and “Zeke and Luther” take over can be a tough transition.  There have been countless times when my kids have longed for a little “Imagination Movers” only to be faced with back to back “Suite Life” episodes.  No offense to Zack and Cody, but we want some Rich and Smitty.

I am thrilled to share that beginning tomorrow, Disney Junior, a 24-hour basic cable/satellite channel created specifically for kids age 2-7, will be here!

If your little one wakes up sick and wants to watch their Disney favorites, they can.  If your kindergartener just needs to relax for a half hour after a long day at school, Disney Junior is there.  Not only will Disney Junior hits such as “Jake and the Never Land Pirates” and “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” be broadcast daily, but Disney favorites such as “Jo Jo’s Circus” and “Higglytown Heroes” are returning!  Who can sing it with me?  Here in Higglytown, things all jump around…

Noah and Jo Jo’s lion, Goliath, during Noah’s first visit to Walt Disney World in 2008.

 The new Disney Junior 24 hour network will also feature new shows such as “Doc McStuffins,” “Guess How Much I Love You” and “Gaspard and Lisa” as well as the short-form series, “A Poem Is…” with celebrity narrators reciting poetry set to classic Disney animation.  The new short-form series “Quiet Is…” will also premiere on the network.

I am most excited, however, for the “Magical World of Disney Junior,” a weekend movie block featuring Disney’s movies – both the classics and contemporary hits – ranging from “Bambi” and “Dumbo” to “The Princess and the Frog” and “Toy Story 2.”  I remember watching classic Disney movies on ABC Sunday evenings during The Wonderful World of Disney, so I am very much looking forward to experiencing similar weekend adventures with my own children as we wind down and prepare for the week ahead.

Which Disney Junior network feature are you and your kids most looking forward to?

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  • We were SO excited about the new Disney Junior channel, but I am surprised at the big-name cable companies who will NOT be carrying it! Charter, AT&T, Direct TV, Dish Network, and more – so far they’ve all opted out. So disappointing! We’ve filed our request to have it added to the line-up, but who knows if they’ll do it. I, personally, could *completely* do without the Disney XD channel. Let’s swap that out for Disney Junior, huh? 🙂

  • For some reason I thought DirecTV would have it but they aren’t. I’m super bummed! It looks awesome!

  • We had to stay in a rental home for a couple weeks and got to watch the regular Disney channel there. Unfortunately, when we returned home, both my boys and I were disappointed that our satellite provider decided to nix the Disney channel (hence no Disney Jr) from our basic package. Very disappointing. Good thing I still have some old Disney shows saved on the DVR!