The Day I Became a Disney Pin Collector

Last month my daughter and I flew to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, on her 11th birthday to learn more about what it means to be a tween visiting Disney Parks (more to come!). I first took my princess to Walt Disney World when she was four years old, the focus on a schedule filled with character meals, princess greetings, and attractions perfect for the preschool set.


As she’s grown up, her Disney Parks experiences have also grown and changed. It was Emma who first convinced me to try Space Mountain, and once I managed to get her on Expedition Everest, she didn’t want to stop riding.

I’ve truly watched through a Disney Parks filter as my children have grown up…



As the kids have grown and our daily touring plans have changed, our Disney Parks traditions have mostly stayed the same. We have favorite places to eat, favorite places to stay, favorite “old school” rides that we return to again and again such as It’s a Small World.

There are also Disney traditions that we’ve simply chosen to not pursue, including pin trading. I never understood the lure of wearing a lanyard covered in pins, stopping periodically to consider a swap with a cast member or other parks guest. We collected a few pins over the years at special events and on our Adventures By Disney trip, but those pins went into a drawer with other souvenirs.

Then last weekend my girl met this girl, they became fast friends, and the pin fire was lit…


I am now a Disney Pin Collector! 

Here are a few of our favorites:

We bought this pin for my husband, the vacation sheriff.


My girl couldn’t resist this memory of one of her favorites, Captain EO!


I loved that the mine train car on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train pin actually swings back and forth, and I Don’t Tweet, I Quack speaks for itself – perfection.


Hook ’em!


Are you a Disney pin collecting family? Do you also trade pins throughout the parks? What are your favorites?

Our trip to Walt Disney World was most-expenses covered. All opinions are our own.

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  • We bought the sheets of cork board at Target and hung on the wall to hold my daughter’s pins. She has just as much fun putting them all on the wall in a collage/puzzle of sorts once she gets back home as she does collecting and trading them at the parks.