Thank You

Monday was the official launch day of my first book, Raising Digital Families For Dummies, and it was a day I will never forget thanks to all of you.  Since I can’t track you all down and send you thank you notes – and the book is a tech title after all – I want to make today about thanking you here on Resourceful Mommy.

The day kicked off with a lunch hosted by my amazing friend Julia from Forty Weeks, complete with tapas and mimosas.  Thank you, Julia, and Jaleo of Bethesda for a delicious way to kick-off a huge week.  After hunkering down and hiding out to meet writing deadlines, it was especially good to have the chance to spend some time with good friends…

Thank you, Amy from, for taking and sharing this photo!

…and cookies.  Did I mention the cookies?  Triple chocolate cookies that were so good that my children were completely speechless while eating them later that night.  That’s right – cookies that make children calm and quiet at the dinner table.

All day long I heard from many of you who were headed out to your local book store to buy your own copy of Raising Digital Families For Dummies …

And you turned out on in a huge way!  In fact, it appears that Amazon is struggling to keep the book in stock…

Friends all over the blogosphere offered to review the book on their sites.  My friend Vera’s sweet little baby even picked up a copy to review on Lady and the Blog!  Do you see him under there, hanging out on his Boppy pillow, picking up some tech tips?

Photo and adorable little boy the sweet property of Vera from Lady and the Blog.

Then Monday night I had the pleasure – the honor! – of tweeting with all of you at the #RaisingDigitalFamiliesFD Twitter Party. THANK YOU for your amazing support and a great hour.  We rocked the Twitterverse and trended nearly to the top of the Worldwide Trends!

And we made it all the way to the top of the US Trending Topics:

Thank you to the sponsors who donated prizes to the Twitter event including AT&T, Nintendo, UbiSoft, Build-A-Bear Workshop, Club Penguin, Identity Guard, and Net Nanny!

Flowers, emails, Facebook posts, blog reviews, DMs and Tweets…you have all made a very special moment in my life that much more special and I am incredibly grateful.



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  • Amy, a huge, huge congratulations to you! I can’t wait to check out your new book!

  • I’m so sorry I had to miss lunch! Stupid parental obligations. Tapas and mimosas sounded wonderful!

  • SO thrilled for you! xoxo

  • Congratulations Amy! Soak this in and whenever you forget just think back to this time and say with pride and outloud, “I AM ENOUGH”! What a BEautiful way to express how enough you are Mrs. Published Book Author! Congratulations!

  • Hearty congratulations!!! Off to get my copy this weekend!!

  • Yay! So exciting. Love the book and thrilled to see you and the book getting the attention you deserve.

  • Melissa P.

    I’m so excited for you Amy. And yes, I need this book. My son just recently got his laptop and while I am using Microsoft’s Family Safety, I’d really like to know more. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful insight and knowledge. I look forward to reading this book. : )

  • Found your blog! Congrats and thank you for your new book. It is needed…. My heart aches with some of the woe stories I have heard from parents…
    Thanks for helping the cause=)