Thank a Teacher Today

There has been a lot of chatter around the internet in the last couple days about social media blackouts, fundraising, project commencing…all of us trying to make sense of the illogical and encourage busy hands to quiet our breaking hearts.  I am confused about how to go about daily tasks, drawn to the images on the television, sick with sadness for mothers I will never meet yet grieve for like they are in my own community. Monday means back to work for me, back to marketing in one of the biggest shopping weeks of the year, back to writing as a manuscript deadline looms, back to preparing to celebrate the holidays with my own family.  But while my life will not stop for a day – I heal by throwing myself into work – I do want to join one group of fellow bloggers who have declared Monday a day to thank our teachers.  The stories that are coming out of Sandy Hook elementary about teachers caring for their children during the shooting have reminded all of us that we place our kids in the hands of these men and women daily, and they not only teach them but also care for and protect them, taking them through the largest part of their day five days a week. As we hustle and bustle towards Christmas, let’s all take some time tomorrow to thank the teachers in our children’s lives…

Thank you to Julie for both this idea and the graphic!

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  • Janet

    What a great post on your site, Amy. I love the idea of thanking a teacher. 🙂