Ten Easy Ways to Give Back for Earth Day


As a parent, one of the important things that I am trying to teach my children is to respect the Earth and to take care of it for the future.     Though reinforcing these points is important throughout the year, Earth Day is a great time to start some new eco-friendly efforts around your home or finding creative ways to give back to the planet. Need a few ideas to help you get started? Here are ten easy things you can do to give back this Earth Day:

  1. EarthDayCollageTurn off your screens – Give your eyes and your energy use a break for the day and head outdoors to enjoy the Earth that you’re celebrating.
  2. Take a hike – Find some local trails and take in the sights and sounds of the great outdoors with your little ones. Remind them how without working to keep our Earth clean, we’ll lose these beautiful places to hike.
  3. Plant a tree – This classic Earth Day activity has a positive impact that is far reaching. Beautify your neighborhood, create habitats for wildlife, and help clean the air.
  4. Volunteer for a park cleanup – Look for local events that need volunteers to assist with cleaning up local parks, roads, and other places where litter is common.
  5. Analyze your recycling – Take a look at your personal recycling practices and improve your carbon footprint by increasing your efforts.
  6. Set up a carpool – Chat with coworkers or school parents to begin carpooling and reducing the number of cars on the roadways each day.
  7. Learn how to compost – Reduce food waste by composting and using your homemade compost to help fertilize your garden and decorative plants.
  8. Stock your car with reusable grocery bags – Ditch the plastic bags and stock your trunk with reusable bags for grocery shopping.
  9. Change your utility bills to paperless options – Though it may seem like a small thing, all of your paper utility bills add up over time. Change to paperless options and save a tree or two.
  10. Switch from bottled water to reusable water bottles – Filtered tap water in a reusable bottle is not only more cost-conscious for your budget, but also helps to reduce the number of plastic bottles being dumped into landfills.

There are many, many ways that you can give back this Earth Day. What are some of the things you have planned with your family?


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  • I love #7 – Learn how to compost. I have just made the first compost last week. It’s wonderful feeling! Thanks for sharing!