#Tastemaker Challenge – I Need Your Votes!

As you may recall, I’ve been participating in a #Tastemaker online cooking challenge sponsored by the U.S. Potato Board. December was a big month as I completed two challenges at once. It took me some time to get everything together after camera glitches, dead batteries, and ingredient gaffes, but at long last they are here.

Now here’s the important part – I need your votes! You see, I’m competing against my fellow tastemakers to get the most star votes on my YouTube channel. We will all be travelling to the Blissdom Conference next month for a final live competition at a special evening event, and then one of us will be crowned the Tastemaker Champion. Can you help me win by popping over to YouTube and clicking on five stars for video one, video two, and video three? Be sure to also visit Moms Dinner Helper for some great potato facts and recipes.

Thanks for your support!

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