It Takes a Village- Who is Yours?

Last Friday was my four year old’s last day of pre-school. I planned ahead for this summer after the chaos that was last year, and so at the end of the month a mommy’s helper will be joining us twelve hours a week so that I have time to work.

Unfortunately, that leaves three weeks with no scheduled activities, camps, or even a big sister to play with while we wait for the public schools to end for the summer vacation. And I still need to find time to work.

When I began my business and my blog, I had one child with me at all times. Even though my kids were both in pre-school, one went Tuesday/Thursday, and the other child went Monday/Wednesday/Friday. I used nap times and evenings to work, but after a year of having twelve work hours a week, my business has expanded and requires more time. This has become clear to my local friends who can see the frazzled look in my eyes, and who also know how reluctant I am to ever accept help.

The panic in my voice must have reached a new level Tuesday morning when a friend called to check in. Suddenly she was offering to take my son along with hers to soccer practice, and then called back to offer to keep him through lunch. Despite my normal response – “No thanks, we’ll be fine, it’s okay” – I jumped on her offer and quickly worked through my inbox and invoices.

The tone of my entire week with my son changed drastically when my close friend offered to help and I chose to accept her help. Rather than begin the week behind the eight ball, all priority items were cleared when my son returned home. We were able to spend a pleasant afternoon together, and although I still needed to work in the evening, I was able to head to be at a somewhat human hour.

It truly does take a village to raise a child, and yet as mothers we often have a hard time allowing others to lend a hand. What is stopping us from giving in and taking a break? And do you have a village to turn to?

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  • MommaDJane

    Love this post. I need to find myself a village, especially with summer approaching next week. I'm already nervous about the kids being home with me 24/7 although I'm excited too. I get mixed feelings of guilt but know I'll have to have help at some point to stay sane. 🙂

  • Michelle @ Flying Giggles

    I do not understand why it is so hard for us mothers to accept help. I am the same way.

    I do not know what I would do if I did not get help from the grandmas. The past month and a half has been filled with planning and having bachelorette parties, wedding showers and weddings. They have been there for me left and right.

  • RobynsOnlineWorld

    It is very hard for me to accept help sometimes too. The older I get though, the easier it becomes – I mean it is still really hard, but not AS hard as it was in my 20's and 30's (yes I turned 40 this year ACK).