Take Your Kids and Go

A couple weeks ago my family and I had the honor of being included in an Adventures By Disney sample vacation along with other bloggers and members of the media.  I’ve been meaning to tell you about it ever since and have only been delayed by the fact that I have over 700 pictures to select and edit before I feel like I can truly tell you the story of this vacation and the services provided by Disney.

With that said, while I work on getting the images and my thoughts together to share with you, there is something incredibly powerful that came out of that week that I need to share now.

First, let me show you a couple things.  This is the view I woke up to in the morning for a couple of days:

I wish your computer screen was larger. And that you could smell the fresh air in that picture. It’s there and it smells delicious.

This was how we ended our days.  We looked at those skies feeling the kind of tired that makes your muscles ache, not your heart or your mind or your spirit.

And this is a happy eight year old girl.  We rode horses up a mountain, and once at the top, found ourselves in the middle of a thunderstorm.  There was thunder, there was lightning, there was really cold rain, but there was also somehow a girl with a smile.

One more – This is my also happy six year old chasing a dog.  That was his self-appointed job for the afternoon.  Chase a dog.

And yes, he eventually caught him…

There was something so peaceful and wonderful about that time with my children in Wyoming that was somehow far more important than taking them to see Old Faithful or spotting bison along the side of the road.  It was time to just be, to enjoy the natural beauty God provided to us, enjoy each other.  Whether it’s finding a place near your home to finally take your daughter to ride a horse for the first time, going camping for just a night, or declaring next weekend a technology free weekend in your home, take your kids and go, go to someplace simple and enjoy your children enjoying life.

Most of the expenses associated with our Adventures By Disney trip were paid, courtesy of Disney.  All happiness is my own.  Oh, and my kids’.  And that dog was pretty happy, too.


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  • Those views are too beautiful! One day I shall have to go! Looks like someone found a new best friend with four legs!

  • An Adventures by Disney trip is on my bucket list (please still have the Scotland itinerary when the kids are a little older!). Glad you had fun with your family.