Survey Saturday – Disney Edition

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  • Wait, you actually want me to make a decision like that?! No fair, that is too hard since they are all unique and special in their own way. The Magic Kingdom has the most memories for me, EPCOT the best/most dining options, Hollywood Studios dazzling shows, Animal Kingdom the animals in their natural surroundings.

  • I had to go with Hollywood because when we went in June, they had Star Wars weekends!

  • I love your new Survey Saturday, how fun!

    I have my favorite thing at each park – love the Safari ride at Animal Kingdom and France at Epcot but if I had to choose a favorite park it would be Magic Kingdom, because it’s….well, truly magic!

    Blogging about Disney is a joy. My first post on Kelly’s Lucky You was about Disney ( and this one was less than a month ago (

  • I voted for Epcot because I haven’t been to Disney recently and Animal Kingdom wasn’t there last time we went. That might top Epcot if we go again.

  • It’s really hard for me to decide, I really love all of them in their own special way. Magic Kingdom holds a special place because it’s where I worked, Epcot is where I grew up going to and created my Disney obsession, DHS is where my husband worked and my dad loved, and I was at Animal Kingdom on opening day, so I love it too!

    Kind of like picking your favorite child, I think. 😉 I voted for Epcot, but I’m really voting for 1983 EPCOT Center when I do…