Survey Saturday – Blogging Edition!

From time to time at Resourceful Mommy I write about blogging, be it tips and tricks or commentary on the blogosphere in general.  I am frequently asked on Twitter where I buy/create/find graphics I use on my site including the header and the button that other bloggers can include in their sidebar. People are often surprised that I create some of them myself, and I like to help them create their own to prove that they can do it, too.  I also use several other sources, and hope to share those.

This week’s Survey Saturday is aimed at other bloggers and in preparation for an upcoming post on creating and finding images for your websites…

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  • I am so looking forward to a blog post on this topic! I hope it’s soon. I have issues with images and really want to make my own.

  • Scott Monty just wrote a nice post about finding photography for blogs in case you are interested:

  • I think you create alot of your graphics from one of my FAVE sites!!!! I love it!! lol

    I used it for a long time, and last year won a 6 month membership to pro and loved it even more with all of the amazing fonts!

    Reminds me..I need to renew my pro membership! Thanks for the survey!

  • Happy Labor Day Weekend! I tweeted this for you! By the way, I’m starting a new meme if you’re interested. “Monday’s Music Moves Me” Stop over, and see what it’s all about. Thanks!

  • I have been using my own more, now that I’ve got a decent camera.

    But I get lots of images from They have really inexpensive options ($1-3) if you don’t need a large or vector image. I really love having that cheap option