Summer Chores Point System Printable

summer chores printable

Summer’s here! Kids are home and on vacation from school. However, none of us are on vacation from life. There are still chores to be done and tasks to be completed. Often, the household chores take even more work than usual with everyone around so much. That means everyone has to chip in and help out just a little bit extra.

Motivating kids to do chores can be a tough thing on an average week, but add in the general laid-back feeling of summer and even the most enthusiastic kids can lose their drive to help out. So what can you do to help kids to get their assigned tasks done every day? Creating a point system can be a great motivator for getting kids to finish their chores.

Use the printable chart below and create lists of tasks, prizes, and point values, then let the kids work for special items and outings to make their summer even more fun. If you have the budget and they’re wanting a certain video game or a trip to a local amusement park, add those to the list and let them work for the costs by earning enough points through chores. If budget is an issue, prizes can be simple things like an afternoon at the playground, an extra family game night, or a favorite meal for dinner.


Use your imagination and customize your chore point system to keep your kids on task. Be sure to let us know what kind of chores and rewards you use in your system!


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