Summer Camp Essentials

Summer camp season is here and for many parents, this means eight weeks of trying to track down lost belongings.  How many of us begin the summer months with one water bottle, towel, and tote bag only to find that by the end of the season we’re lucky to have even one of the original necessities?  As a mom, I’m happy when day camps keep track of my kids – I really don’t expect them to also be responsible for every last belonging as well. I’ve certainly also been that mom who shows up for the first day of camp with the same exact towel/bathing suit/Thermos as half of the other kids in the group.  You’ve got to find a way to stand out from the crowd!

1. Label – Last fall I wrote about reusing old school items to save money on back to school and included using the Mabel’s Labels that had been sent to me to review.  This year Mabel’s Labels sent us a preview of their incredibly cute Camp Labels. WithSticky Labels and Skinny-Minis™ that are dishwasher safe to be used on water bottles and other food items, Tag Mates™ that are washer and dryer safe so perfect for suits & towels, Shoe Labels and Bag Tags™ that are waterproof and UV resistant, and the Mabel’s Labels satisfaction guarantee, they’re worth adding to your camp to-do list this summer.

2. Personalized Products – I remember when every kid had a sweatshirt, jacket, even pencils with their name printed right on them.  I just received a backpack to review from the new Ty’s Toy Box Chuggington line, and each item purchased on the site can be personalized for free.  Putting all of your children’s items into a boldly personalized tote bag helps them to start out and end up in the right place each day.

3. Stand Out in a Crowd – Last month I reviewed and hosted a giveaway of SCOUT bags and one of the bags that most stood out to me at the store was the Doggie Bag.  Why not just start with a completely unique lunch bag and make pick up time easier for both you and your child?  After awhile, every princess bag begins to look the same.  If you need more space, there’s also the Ice Ice Baby bag!

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  • Great ideas, while my kiddo’s a little young for camp yet, I’ll probably need these tips when she heads to school next year. 🙂