Spring Cleaning Tips

All winter long I avoid cleaning. My clutter builds up and I focus on disinfecting the kitchen and the bathrooms rather than maintaining the entire house.


But then something magical happens. Spring arrives, I pull back the curtains, open the windows…and grab my dust cloth!

There is nothing to me like the smell of fresh air mixing with the smell of Pledge. It may be a little crazy, but somehow making the entire house smell as fresh as the newly cut grass is a right of passage, a changing of the guard, a literal breath of fresh air!

Because cleaning well does not come naturally to me, I’m always looking for tips. Here are some great ideas that I’d like to pass on:

    1. Work from the top down: I spent last weekend turning my children’s tiny, cluttered bedrooms upside down and cleaning them thoroughly. All of the dust and grime moves from their rooms down the stairs and to the rest of the house as I shake out sheets, topple over chairs, and empty drawers, so my next cleaning endeavor will be on the first floor, and then down the steps to the family room, following the dirt as I go.


    1. Clean behind furniture and the fridge: Clearing away the dust and pet hair from air vents and refrigerator coils helps your home run better and more efficiently. Take this time to turn your home upside down and clean those never seen areas.


    1. Dry your curtains: Before you ruin your curtains and drapes or hurt yourself trying to vacuum them with a fancy attachment you’re not sure how to use, make the decision to bring them down and throw them in the dryer on a low setting. All of the dust and pet hair that has been accumulating all winter long will fall away. For added freshness, throw in a dryer sheet with your favorite scent.


    1. Stock up on baking soda: We used our fireplace frequently this year the house sure lets you know by the way it smells. To remove that burnt wood smell from our home, I sprinkled all of the carpets with baking soda and then vacuumed. I also put an open box of baking soda in the fireplace and closed the glass doors. While the spring and summer pass with the fireplace unused, those smells will be absorbing into the baking soda, which I will toss come the winter.


  1. Speaking of smells….clean your High Efficiency washer! About a year ago we made our first washer purchase and invested in a high-efficiency washer. The only problem is that the already dingy basement of our house smells even worse than usual despite our dehumidifier because of the tight seal on H-E washers. Water residue, lint, and detergents accumulate, so take this time to give your washer a thorough cleaning with the Affresh washer cleaning kit. You can also maintain this new level of clean year round with the Affresh washer cleaning pucks and grit grabber cloths. I really believe that my clothes come out smelling much fresher now that I’ve done a maintenance cleaning of my H-E washer!

6. Organize and stow: While you’re moving furniture and cleaning out closets, decide what organizational strategy will work best in each cluttered area of your home. Is there a place where you can safely store winter items out of site? Before the hustle and bustle of summer is upon you, choose a cute basket or storage bin to place near the front door to hold sunscreens and bug sprays. A little extra work now will pay off all season long!

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