Spoiled By FiOS

Last week I traveled to Las Vegas for the New Media Expo conference.  I was headed to spend a couple days with some of the most technologically savvy people in the country, possibly the world, and I had packed my favorite gadgets.  The problem?  I couldn’t take my Verizon FiOS with me.  There was WiFi in each of the four airports I visited, connectivity in my hotel room, a connection on the convention center floor, and even internet in the wine cellar where I enjoyed some brie and bread.

But all of it felt incredibly slow compared to my home, which runs on Verizon FiOS.

I remember the first time I was able to connect to the internet on a flight.  I was amazed by the technology!  Now I am frustrated by the speed.  Upgrading to Verizon FiOS has not only changed my daily work life, but also my perspective.

Are you ready to be spoiled by FiOS?

I am a Verizon FiOS Ambassador and have received compensation as part of that program.

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  • We were finally able to get Fios after dealing with lame cable companies for years. It is really the fastest, most reliable internet I’ve ever had. I sound like a commercial, but it’s so true. It’s also why I love Verizon Wireless. I’ve had a phone with them for 13? years now and I’ll never switch. We transfer all over the country and never have an issue with service. I drank the Verizon kool aid for sure!

    • Yes, and isn’t it fun to stand at Walt Disney World watching people with that other service provider, totally unable to make contact with the rest of the world while your Verizon phone chugs along?