Speak Now for Kids Video

When I set out to create my video message to Congress asking them to support us and Speak Now for Kids, I thought at first that I might explain why health care is important to me. Maybe I would tell the story of my daughter’s birth two months early and the three weeks she spent in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Or perhaps I would let them know that without experimental early intervention, my son would have also been born at 32 weeks. Would I tell them about the ultrasounds that found my son’s kidney malformation? Or about all of the visits to the pediatric cardiologist with my daughter to monitor the hole in her heart.

Then I decided to just tell them the obvious. We need to Speak Now for Kids because they can’t speak for themselves.

Please join me in speaking for children to Congress, and asking them to take on our mission to have children’s voices heard when they move forward with health care reform.

Visit the site, spread the word.

Speak Now for Kids.

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