Shutterfly Wall Art and Church Set Design

Over the last year I have devoted most of my hours to the job of worship director at my family’s church home, working on everything from special services to managing the tech crew. One of my roles has been creating set pieces for the chancel area of the sanctuary. I’ve turned the “stage” into a grassy backyard complete with privacy fence and tiki torches, built light boxes that changed color along with the beat of the music. But I was torn on what to create for the sermon series leading up to Easter. For ten straight weeks we were going to stay in the book of Galatians, the entire church participating in a church-wide study of the Timothy Keller book Galatians For You.


I knew that the centerpiece of the set design would be drawn from the sermon series cover image, but wasn’t sure how to build out the set from there. The Galatians For You book cover was stuck in my mind, but how could I turn that into a set design?

That is when I turned to Shutterfly for a DIY set design solution!

I worked with my pastor to select five key verses from the book of Galatians and then created graphics inspired by the book cover.

Galatians Set 4

I uploaded each of the images to my Shutterfly account and then turned to the Mounted Wall Art page of Shutterfly’s Home Decor section. I used each image to create a unique piece of mounted wall art, much like I had previously done in my home’s dining room with images from my childhood home.


I expected the mounted wall art to work well having previously purchased from Shutterfly, but I was still a little overwhelmed by how incredible the Bible verse images looked on the finished product. They were exactly what I envisioned in my mind!


I used four of the verses to book end the choir risers and then placed the fifth in the church entrance in front of a large wooden cross.



Working on this project for the church has inspired me to think of other creative ways to use Shutterfly home decor products. I plan on creating more inspirational art and home items by first creating original graphics and then uploading them as I would a photograph. The possibilities are endless!

Thank you to Shutterfly for providing the artwork for the church set. No other compensation was provided. All opinions are my own.

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