Shutterfly Photobook Holiday Giveaway

Continuing with the special Resourceful Mommy holiday giveaways, Shutterfly is giving five readers an 8X8 hardcover Photobook!

As a mom, I feel like it is my job to be the chief memory keeper in my family.   And with so many relatives far away, that includes sharing photos with friends and family who do not see our children regularly.  Shutterfly photobooks make the perfect holiday gift for anyone wanting to share their favorite family photos with loved ones.  They’re a great way to commemorate time together or even share those moments missed from time spent apart.

Check it out…


Five (5) winners will each receive an 8×8 hardcover Shutterfly photobook!  To enter to win simply watch the video above or on  and leave a comment telling me what scene in the video reminds you of a memory from your own life.

BONUS!  Want an additional giveaway entry?  Visit the and after choosing the “Styles” tab, comment here telling me which of the nine categories you like best.

This giveaway is open to U.S. readers age 18 and older and ends December 15th at 11:59p.m. ET.

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  • My favorite scene that reminds me of my own memory is the baking in the kitchen with grandma. It is truely a favorite, I baked with my Nana in her kitchen; also I get to watch my children bake wit my mother…they are memories that last a lifetime!

  • I like the Storytelling style most (I haven’t tried it yet, but hope to) soon!

  • Lizzy

    What a sweet video. I love the baking cookies scene! I wish I could cook like my grandma did!

  • Shannon S.

    I like our family story in the 8×11

  • Shannon S.

    the baking cookies one..we always get together still and do that

  • Connie Flores

    The scene that reminded me most of a memory was the little boy reading with his grandma, my Nana read with me all the time. I miss her.

  • Connie Flores

    I like the “kids” style best

  • Jessie @thelucaszoo

    Oh my what a video! I have been sappy all week and this almost made me cry right off in the morning 🙂 I would say cooking with with my grandmother. She raised me and is the reason I love baking, she did as well. Not saying I rock it but… thanks!

  • melinda s.

    Favorite memory..story time! And my boys love that time as well either with me or their Grandma. Sweet times!!

  • melinda s.

    Vintage florals in the Everyday section is beautiful.

  • Samantha C..

    I totally remember moving and meeting new friends!

  • Samantha C..

    I like the Seasonal Spring Garden!

  • April Yedinak

    The scene that stuck with me is the kid’s face in the car window when they are moving. My dad was in the Army, we had to move a lot and many times we left my Grandma’s crying because we didn’t know when we would see her again.

  • April Yedinak

    I like the Everyday Styles, specifically the Chalkboard Chic.

  • Jennifer Marie

    I loved seeing the grandson reading with grandma-so precious!

  • Jennifer Marie

    I like the Vintage florals.

  • mary ann dennis

    baking cookies

  • The baking, my grandmother was always baking

  • Baking, my grandmother was always baking

  • The video honestly didn’t remind me of any memories in my life… but it did remind me of all of the awesome photo books I’ve made on Shutterfly! I’d love to win so I can make more! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • I love the Storytelling styles! I’ve used 2 or 3 of them!

  • Mary Bennick

    My Nana had one of those old sifters! They worked way better than the modern ones, in my opinion.

  • James W

    The final scene of the video reminds me of a special day, my wedding, this past March. Before the ceremony began, my wife and I had a few minutes to exchange gifts. She presented me with a photo book of our journey so far–such an amazing gift!

  • James W

    I think my favorite category is the Storytelling styles (the Everyday styles are a close second)..

  • Miranda Ables

    Oh, this was easy once I stopped tearing up! I loved the baking (flour everywhere!) and running up to give grandma big hugs!!

  • Miranda

    My favorite style was easy…I LOVE the kids quotes. I have an entire scrapbook devoted to all of the crazy things my kids come up with!

  • Sadie

    I remember flipping through the photo albums with Grandma and her telling stories of the family.

  • Sadie

    I like the handcrafted wedding style.

  • Roslyn

    Moving day we moved all the time when I was little.