Shop It To Me: Taking Frugal to a Cool New Place

Some time ago my local DC news ran a story about a great new site called Shop It To Me. Reader, I was remiss. I did not pass on this information to you – perhaps because we wear the same size, and I didn’t want you to steal away my fabulous new shoes?


The concept behind the site is this: You can register your favorite brands, your clothing sizes, and then sit back and relax while Shop It To Me alerts you to sale items in your size and brand of choice! As they say, “It’s like having a personal shopper, only better.” And for free.


Shop It To Me Salemail alerts let you know about the newest markdowns on the products you love, but now they are also launching the Sale Spot where you can look for specific items. Imagine that you need a little black dress. You can go to the Sale Spot, enter what you are looking for, and filter by brand, clothing type, and more.


I think this new feature could be an incredible money saver….and incredibly addicting! But since it is also unbelievably resourceful, I’m passing it on to you.


Happy shopping!

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