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image credit: Alexandra Oppenheimer, MS, RD

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by the Tea Council of the USA. All opinions are our own.

There are many things in my life that spark random memories. Sounds, smells, and flavors can bring back both images of moments past and emotions that go along with them. When we were asked to partner with the Tea Council of the USA, I was instantaneously flooded with childhood memories of my mother. Hot tea was her answer for everything, from stomach bugs to colds to a bad day. Even without a cup in my hand, the reminder of the soothing feeling from a cup of hot tea washed over me.

Whether I was sick and she brewed me a cup of tea to help me feel a little better, or we sat down with a mug for a chat, hot tea was a piece of our relationship. Though she is no longer with us, I do the same for my children when they’re sick, brewing tea, making sure the temperature is just right for them, and sitting with them as they sip. Even now when I enjoy a cup while I relax, I think of her and imagine what our conversations would be like today.

Beyond the nostalgia, there are so many other reasons to enjoy tea. You may drink tea because of cultural reasons. There may be health benefits, such as cardiovascular or cognitive health or weight management, that you seek through a regular mug of tea. Relaxing with a perfectly brewed cup might be your own escape from the stress of life. Whatever your style, one of the more than 3000 varieties of tea produced around the world is sure to fit your needs.

image credit: Tea Council of the USA


Do you have your own memories that are tied into a delicious cup of hot tea? Do you drink hot tea for health benefits? The Tea Council of the USA is launching their #IndividualiTEA sweepstakes on Twitter, giving you a chance to win $500 and a year’s supply of tea, just by sharing why you enjoy hot tea.

Entering is easy! Now through January 31, 2017, simply tweet your photo, video, or explanation of how you enjoy your favorite tea on Twitter with the hashtag #IndividualiTEA. You will then be asked to finalize your entry on the Tea Council contest page for a chance to win. See official rules for more information.

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