Seven Things You Should Do Before Summer Vacation


It hit me like a ton of bricks this week that we’re just five short weeks away from the start of summer vacation. I have one who’ll be starting middle school in the fall and this school year has simply flown by and I am certain the summer will, as well. I’m sitting here at the moment, thinking about how I would like to make this a really special summer, with plenty of time to spend at the beach and the pool, lots of fun outings around the area, and lazy nights, just hanging out and enjoying each other’s’ company.

  1. presummerCollageMake vacation plans – If you’re planning to travel this summer, now is the time to shore up your plans, make sure your reservations are booked, and plan out the activities and attractions that you will visit while you’re there. Planning is half the fun of vacationing!
  2. Organize and clean – If you didn’t finish up your spring cleaning, get the rest of that to-do list knocked out. Who wants to spend a beautiful summer day indoors, scrubbing the baseboards?
  3. Check on home maintenance tasks – Are the air conditioners running properly? Is the pool cleaned up and ready for swimming? Has the grill been cleaned? Get all of those summer must-have items tuned up and ready to roll before you need them.
  4. Switch out seasonal clothes and shop – Whether your kids have outgrown last year’s summer wardrobe or you just need to replace a few worn out pieces, shop before summer is underway for a better selection. You’ll ensure that you have the things you need no matter what occasion arises.
  5. Create a summer schedule – While it’s great to have plenty of flexibility in the summer, it’s also good to have a base schedule to make sure that all of your household chores and duties are taken care of, mealtimes are planned out, and there’s a little structure when you need it.
  6. Make a list of sunny and rainy day activities – It wouldn’t be summer vacation without the words “I’m bored” popping up now and then. Create a list of things to do for good and bad weather days to help inspire everyone to find something to occupy them when the everyday activities have been overdone.
  7. Choose a summer project and prep for it – A family project for the summer gives you a chance to work together, learn from each other, and bond as a family. Create a garden, choose a service project, build a treehouse, or redecorate a room together. Whatever your interests, finding a long term project to work will bring everyone together for some fun.

Of course, you’ll want to leave plenty of open time to relax and enjoy your summer and with a little early prep, it will be even easier to say yes to those impromptu trips to the park or days on the beach. Use these last days before the kids are home wisely and you’ll have an even better summer for it!

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