Save on Last Minute Back to School Shopping

For much of the country, Monday is back-to-school day.  Yes, some of you have already sent your children off for another fun and exciting year, and some will probably enjoy a summer vacation that lingers until after Labor Day, but for most of us, this weekend is our last chance for back-to-school supply shopping.  I know that many of you are like me and wait to the last minute as supply lists change and grow in the days before school begins and while attending open houses.  For those of you heading out to your local big box or office supply store this weekend, there are some great ways to save money on back to school shopping.  Try these “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” inspired tips to be green and save green!

There are five ways that my family saved money just in the one image above.  Can you spot them?


  • Notice that pencil case?  We reduced the number of items that we had to purchase this year by choosing a backpack from Lands End that comes with a matching pencil case (product provided for review). Last year’s pencil pouch was so used and abused that by the end of the year the zipper was completely broken.  Choosing a backpack with a pencil case saved us both a purchase and a trip to the store!
  • Also notice that the pencil case is not overstuffed? By purchasing only what was necessary and not sparkling pens, cute erasers, and tricky sharpeners as well we saved money and space.


  • Last year’s supply list specified a specific type of scissors for Emma’s pencil case.  Thankfully, this year’s list required only scissors, allowing us to reuse last year’s scissors.  We also found that one unused jumbo glue stick remained from last year and rather buy a new one, simply moved the old stick to the new pouch.  And that unused pack of crayons? Yep!  From last year!


  • Mabel’s Labels provided sample labels for Emma’s school supplies last year and we are reusing them on this year’s supplies as well as utilizing those remaining on last year’s sheet!

The fifth way we saved money was to buy sturdy and solid pencils rather than a box of  unnecessary, sparkly glitter pencils.  The pencils we chose will get the job done at an affordable price.  That’s how I feel about the Lands End backpack that was provided for my review!  Last year we tried to find the right character supplies and in the end, they did not quite meet my daughter’s needs.  This year we went with an affordable favorite from Lands End.  To learn more about Lands End backpacks visit   Lands End Backpacks and Lunch Boxes are currently 50% off, so choosing Lands End for your last minute shopping is also a great way to save. Here are the reasons we love Emma’s new ClassMate Small Haul backpack:

Thank you to Lands End for providing the backpack with pencil case.

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  • Jeane

    Love their backbacks because the straps never wear out or come apart from the bag itself.

  • EmJay

    You will not need a new backpack for years if you go with land’s end. My son’s has survived kindergarden, summer camp and now first grade. We just wash it with Charlie’s Soap and there was no need for a new on this year.

  • Great tips. I’ve been doing these as well. It’s amazing how many things you really don’t need that are already around the house. Don’t forget the list and if possible, don’t bring the kids. Use coupons too..