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This August my husband and I are celebrating ten years of marriage, and a couple months back I declared that we were going to go away together for at least two nights to enjoy a miniature second honeymoon.  Our real honeymoon was at Sandals in St. Lucia, and as we floated around on crystal clear water, two naive twenty-three year olds with frozen drinks in hand, we decided that we would return for our five year anniversary and then start our family.  On our five year anniversary, I was nursing our second child round the clock and dealing with a precocious two year old.  So much for the plans made on tropical islands.

Now that our kids are seven and five and my husband and I rarely spend time together in our incredibly hectic lives, I’ve decided that the getaway has to happen. Only when we sat down to choose the destination, we ended up deciding that Walt Disney World was the best place for us to spend our ten year wedding anniversary, not some tropical island.  Before you laugh and say that I’ve finally gone off the Disney deep-end, I have a list of fantastic reasons for our decision.  I’m also not alone in believing that Walt Disney World is a wonderful place to spend a romantic getaway.  In fact, thousands of couples have celebrated their most romantic moments at Walt Disney World, which is celebrating twenty years of wedding celebrations.

I spoke with two bloggers who went to Walt Disney World for their honeymoons.  Carinn H. from Night Owl Momma enjoyed the special feeling of visiting the parks while wearing Bride and Groom Mickey Ears, which not only got them sincere well wishes from perfect strangers, but also special perks like free desserts and the occasional fast pass ticket.  If she had it to do again, she would still choose Walt Disney World and the special memories she and her husband made during their time there.

Beth from The Angel Forever not only spent her honeymoon at Walt Disney World, but she also spent quite a bit of time encouraging me to book an anniversary trip there based on her own experience.  She and her husband stayed at the Beach Club Resort because of its proximity to EPCOT and the Boardwalk, which is precisely why we’ll be staying there next month for our anniversary.  Beth pointed out that, “The sky is the limit on a Disney World honeymoon. You can plan your special romantic meals, go on tours, spend a day at the spa, act like kids together, or just walk around holding hands. Disney World is not simply for families with children, it is for anyone that wants a magical experience that you can get in no other location.”

So with all of this in mind, we’re going to eat our way through EPCOT, float around at the Beach Club pool, and close the parks down each night rather than open them each morning with the kids.

It may not be an island in the Caribbean, but it’s our idea of paradise!


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  • I love this idea! My husband and I are huge Disney enthusiasts and it’s *possible* that we could do this for our 15th (in 2 years), or maybe our 20th, when our special needs kids are older and more reliable. LOVE the idea, thank you for sharing. And eating your way around Epcot sounds FABULOUS…do NOT miss the Margaritas in Mexico 🙂

  • When we were there for SMmoms we did a date night at Victoria and Albert’s, in celebration of our upcoming 10 years. I highly, highly recommend it.

  • Ali

    Sounds wonderful!! My husband and I went there on our 1 year anniversary. We figured when you win the Superbowl – you go to Disneyworld. We felt being happy at year 1 = a trip there. We went on rides, ate great food, and had a blast. Enjoy your trip and Happy Anniversary!

  • Have I mentioned that I am so thrilled for you and a bit jealous? The ten-year anniversary of our honeymoon you mentioned above is in a few short weeks. I can not wait to hear all about your romantic get away to the place we all know is magical for making memories with or without our children.

  • Ohhh, I want so much to go somewhere with my husband! Can’t remember the last time we went anywhere together! Or with the kids for that matter! We all need Disney, LOL. Great post, thanks for sharing.

  • I think Disney is the perfect place for any magical moment!

    My husband proposed at Disneyland and we honeymooned at Disney World. I say it’s a perfect place for an anniversary getaway!

    We are going to Disneyland this summer and I can’t wait to see the magical first moments my kids are going to have 😀

  • I think Disney is the perfect place for any magical moment!

    My husband proposed at Disneyland and we honeymooned at Disney World. I say it’s a perfect place for an anniversary getaway!

    We are going to Disneyland this summer and I can’t wait to see the magical first moments my kids are going to have 😀

  • Disney is a fabulous place for a romantic getaway! My husband and I also spent our 10 year anniversary traveling to Disney, without the kids! We ate some spectacular food, and took our time exploring the things that we love to do without the kids rushing us through. Disney has the answer for any celebration, with or without kids!

  • @lovinmomma8

    Love it! have a great time..I’m sure you are counting down the days til August! 😀 Such a great thing to be able to travel with hubby..we don’t get to go next door on our own these days..hehe but that’s another story! 🙂

    Disney is awesome, haven’t been there

  • We haven’t been to Disney World as a couple but were at Disneyland before we had kids and lived in Cali. My husband was kind of skeptical about going to Disney without kids but it was a fantastic time and a quite wonderful being there without kids – much more relaxed! I hope you have a wonderful time and congratulations on 10 years!!!

  • We spent our first anniversary at The Beach Club – loved it! You’ll have an amazing time…enjoy!

  • Donna B.

    I’m sooo jealous – I’d love to experience Disney as an adult! Congrats on your upcoming anniversary 🙂

  • Lilly

    Aww! how sweet! Who doesn’t love going to Disney World? The idea is very sweet & romantic! Enjoy celebrating your 10 years of marriage at Disney World! 🙂

  • I would love to go to Disney World, and it’s just me and my husband. We don’t even have kids yet! It’s like you said- there is so much available to do and we won’t need to go through customs. win-win

  • LOVE IT! You guys are going to have a wonderful time! When my dad got a big retirement bonus, he took all of us (my brother & his wife, too) to Disneyland. Leaving the kids to swim & be tucked in by Pap & Nana let us get a taste of Disney for grown ups.

    It was sooo much fun!

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