Review: Yanni Voices Live

Last night I had the honor of attending the Yanni Voices concert in Baltimore, Maryland. Prior to February, the extent of my Yanni knowledge came from comedy sketches. Then I attended Blissdom and learned about Yanni’s latest project, Voices.

I have never doubted that Yanni is a brilliant musician, but his music was not what I would call cross-generational. It appealed to niche age groups, niche communities. The Yanni Voices project has reinvented his style and connected his music to a whole new group of listeners. The instrumental favorites have been reborn through the lyrics written by these four talented vocalists: Nathan Pacheco, Chloe, Leslie Mills and Ender Thomas. The music is what I would describe as a cross between the Bueno Vista Social Club and Sarah Brightman sings the hits of Andrew Lloyd Webber. I do not have the CD, but I am going to buy it – should have bought it at the show! – after enjoying an incredible of music.

The live show reminded me of when I saw U2’s “Pop” tour many years ago. I had been to many concerts, but most of them were small scale shows, not much more than an acoustic gig in a local bar. U2’s “Pop” felt like I had suddenly walked right into an MTV video. The energy, the big screens, the lights…it was a new level of entertainment. That is precisely the feeling of the Yanni Voices tour. It is less a show and more an experience. Violinists dual while images appear behind them on a giant screen, singers slide across pianos while drummers race behind them on both sides of the risers.

One of the highlights of the night was getting to go back stage and meet the vocalists. They were incredibly nice and receptive to hanging out with a few mommy bloggers. Janine from TwoferthePriceofOne was also there, and as soon as she’s got her video posted of her dancing with Ender, you’ve got to check it out. It was truly a wonderful night!

Who would like this: If you enjoy Broadway musicals, Lord of the Dance, or cry every time you watch Mr. Holland’s Opus, this show was made for you! (yes, I fit all three….)

This is not for you if…you made fun of the band kids in high school.

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