Resourceful Tidbit

After I gave birth to my son Noah, members of my local MOMS Club brought meals for my family for a couple of weeks. They served delicious homemade pies, yummy casseroles, and healthy salads.

But what was most memorable were the little treats that some of the moms thought to bring for my two year old daughter. Whether it was a simple balloon or a $1.00 coloring book from the grocery store, the fact that they thought of her made her day and warmed my heart.

If a friend has recently had a baby, lend a helping hand, but don’t forget her older children! Next week I’m going to be taking my famous(ly simple) baked ziti to a friend, so I grabbed these squeeze bubbles and cute gift bags at Target yesterday for her four and two year olds.

Bubbles = $.99
Cute Gift Bag = $.49
Children feeling special = priceless….

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