Resourceful Review: Sonos Wireless HiFi System

To say I love music would be an understatement.  Some of my earliest – and favorite – memories from my childhood are of the times I spent with my dad in the front room of our house listening to oldies.  We listened to everything from the Beach Boys to all of the Motown greats, dancing around and being silly.  I think he called it exercise, but to me it was pure heaven.  I still remember buying my first album and when cassettes came out, they were my treasures lined up in plastic cases that I could carry with me anywhere.  I began playing the piano when I was three and added to it the flute, percussion, the saxophone. I loved to sing – loudly – even if off key (often off key).  As a teenager time in the shower required the radio blasting, time doing homework required MTV, and time in the car alone with my songs were just as amazing as those father daughter dance parties.

All of these years later, nothing has changed.  

I work at home in a second floor office space and spend my days listening to music from MP3 downloads and Pandora.  I still sing along (yes, still off key), but there are times when I wish I could share the music from my desktop computer with other rooms of the house.  There have been countless times when I’ve stepped outside of my office only to return to catch the end of a favorite song on Pandora just as it is ending.   My kids have also begun to love much of the same music that I listen to, and I have wanted for awhile to find an easier way to share that music with them.  Ironically, even though I work online and utilize technology all day long, I had no idea how to expand my music enjoyment outside of my office…

Then I found Sonos.

I very rarely write reviews, but when I received the email about Sonos I wrote back immediately even though I was in the middle of a project at the time.  Sonos to me is the realization of something I have wished existed…and it does.  Here is how it works:

  • You begin with one music player or BRIDGE connected to your home’s wireless router.  Suddenly you can now play all of your music thanks to your router…
Behold…the BRIDGE:
  • Now you add a player.  I am reviewing the Play: 3 player that tucks into a corner on a desktop, a kitchen counter, a bookcase.  I can control my cute little player wirelessly and share the music from my office computer with any room in the house.
The adorable and entirely genius Play:3:
  • Then you grow….and grow and grow and grow.  Add more components, turn your home theater into a music streaming system, add multiple players for even bigger sound, even play different music on different players.
The fact that I didn’t realize Sonos existed anywhere outside of my dreams proves how little I understand the capabilities of this awesome system, so be sure to get the whole scoop at  Visual learner? (me too!)  Don’t miss the YouTube introduction to Sonos…

My family is loving the Sonos Play:3 and so far we’ve used it most often in the kitchen.  It’s a great way to very easily share music from one level of the house to the other, not just one room to the next.  My son’s favorite thing to play in the kitchen?  Party Rock.  Apparently to six year olds it is critical that every day we’re shufflin’…
Why is all of this so cool right now?  Because this week you have the chance to receive a free wireless bridge if you purchase the Play:3 I have or the big mac daddy Play:5 system.  
Through June 9th, Target is running an in-store only promotion to receive the wireless bridge – $49.99 value – at no cost with the purchase of a Play:3 or Play:5 system.  Just last weekend I visited a big box store and saw scores of new grads buying bookcases for their first apartments.  Wouldn’t the Sonos make a great graduation gift for them?  Or better yet, make the Sonos your Father’s Day purchase and get to enjoy it in your own home.  Who among us hasn’t purchased a gift for themselves their husbands for this reason in the past?
If you decide to take advantage of the Target in-store option and try Sonos, please let me know what you purchased and where you are using yours!  I have a feeling our Sonos family will continue to grow, and I’d love to hear your ideas for great places to share music throughout your home.

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