Resourceful Parenting: Happy Mom Series 1

As I enjoy this holiday season with my family, I’d like to share some of my favorite posts from 2010…

I love this grainy old picture of me, and not because I was much thinner and had the long, flowing tresses that twenty-one year olds actually have the time and energy to maintain.  I love this image of me because it captures a particular moment in my life that was powerful and special and to which I can never return.

You know that space in time…the one where you are on the cusp of becoming a young professional, you are about to begin life as an adult.

I went to my final sorority formal event that evening with a friend – my future husband was away at graduate school – and by that point I had taught high school English for a semester and knew that I was heading to the University of Pennsylvania for graduate school in the fall.  Had I been asked to define myself I might have said that I was a teacher, a student, a thinker, a scholar, a friend, a girlfriend. Once I gave birth to my first child that question suddenly had one answer: mom.

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