Toy Organization with a Shoe Holder

Just when you thought that the days of large, plastic toys were the most overwhelming obstacle to your attempt to keep order in your home, the land of the little toy emerges. Little People and Weebles turn into Matchbox cars and Barbie shoes and the next thing you know you’re on crutches because you stepped on someone’s something and broke your ankle.

While bins are great in general for organization, the smallest of fun things tend to get lost inside such big compartments. Digging through bins to find a coveted treasure can also be a bit overwhelming for the pre-schooler set.

The best way that I’ve found to organize small toys is using an over-the-door shoe organizer. The mesh pouches make the toys easily visible, and while the lower half of the pouches are within kiddos reach, the upper pouches are useful for toys you need to keep away from a younger sibling. We have one in our family room over the guest room door and one in our daughter’s room as well for her stuffed animal menagerie and growing doll collection.

While I still love my bins, shoe organizers are very resourceful and affordable.

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