Resourceful Living: The Best Wrapping Tool

This product was not provided to me, nor does Pampered Chef have any idea that I wrote this post. However, it would be pretty darn amusing if suddenly their i-Slice sales shot through the roof and they had no idea why…

I have a secret to share with you. While store shelves are lined with wrapping paper holders, tape dispensing wristlets, and enough colored tissue paper to wrap the world, all you really need is one tiny little tool to make your holiday season easier.

The Pampered Chef i-Slice.

All year long this little four dollar gadget hangs by its internal magnet to the top of my refrigerator door, and while I pull it down from time to time throughout the year, the i-Slice really earns its keep come the holiday season. What does my little friend do?

The i-Slice has a tiny little blade that only cuts through a thin layer of anything. For example, I can slice through wrapping paper and not mark the table below. Note: don’t press, just slide. According to the product description you can: “Clip recipes and coupons, cut shrink-wrap, and open CDs and DVDs with this lightweight ceramic blade.”

This is how I actually use my i-Slice this time of year.

– It slices open the packing tape of every present I’ve purchased online.

– It slices open the tape on the box of each gift so that it’s easy for the kids to get to their toys, yet the boxes still look fresh and new.

– It cuts all of the wrapping paper for every gift that I wrap all season long.

And there’s one more wrapping secret that I’ll share with you if you promise not to tell the kids…

This year in your letter to Santa, ask him nicely to have the elves skip all of the crazy packing. Request no more twist ties, tape, or those insane plastic lock-downs that require a Phillips head screwdriver just to free your child’s coveted toy from its box.

Then while you’re wrapping each gift quietly in the middle of the night, use that i-Slice to carefully open the boxes first, slide the toys out, and remove those packing nightmares yourself. Suddenly Christmas morning is filled with joy and laughter instead of cursing and scissors. And may I suggest putting the batteries in as well?

Happy Holidays.

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