Resourceful E-mail Management Tip

Like many of you, I am bogged down in e-mails. Exciting opportunities sometimes get lost in between blog comments, sneaky spam, pics from family, and marketing e-mails.

Just when I think I’m catching up on sorting and responding to e-mail, I suddenly realize I’ve got 300 unread messages and at least as many that I’ve glanced at, categorized, and never completed.
I’ve got a great tip for dealing with e-mail.
You may have heard of a one touch mail policy – well, I’ve applied it to e-mail. When I consistently follow this rule, the results are incredible! When I do not hold myself to this policy, I suddenly find myself once again overwhelmed by my inbox.
The premise is basic:
Only touch each e-mail once. Period.
If the e-mail is worthwhile replying to, do so immediately. Do not open and read an e-mail only to move on expecting to come back to it later. Even if you do return to and deal with the e-mail somewhat promptly, you’ll have spent twice as much time on that message as you should have. Now multiply that time spent times every e-mail you receive and imagine the time you can save by implementing this one touch rule.
If you try this in your own life, let me know how it goes! I’d love to hear your comments.

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