(Re)Creating Memories at Walt Disney World

Full Disclosure – I am the person who rolls her eyes and clicks away every time the “You Only Have 18 Summers” memes make a resurgence. After all, I’m forty-one years old and I still vacation with my parents. I tend to think that preemptively panicking about my children growing up and moving away is some next level social media silliness.

And yet. And yet.

Something happened to me this back-to-school season. I suddenly felt the weight of the passing of time, burst into tears, and booked a vacation.

My daughter is in tenth grade, and the college brochures have begun to appear in our mailbox daily. And my eighth grade son, my baby, now stands eye to eye with me.

I travel to Disney Parks more often than my family because covering what’s new and next at the parks is part of what I do here at Resourceful Mommy. I’ve also visited the parks in recent years for girlfriend trips, solo trips, and even mother-daughter trips.

All of this means that we haven’t been to Disney Parks as a family since our Farewell to the Spectacle of Dancing Lights trip in 2015.

Walt Disney World is one of the places where my family is most able to relax and enjoy one another, and we haven’t been there together in four years!

Because it is not lost on any member of my crew that this may be our last trip to Walt Disney World as a family while our kids are still, well, kids, we’re all on board with making the most of this visit to the parks. We booked our favorite resort (Boardwalk Inn), made reservations at some of our favorite restaurants (Whispering Canyon Cafe)…

And plan to recreate some of our favorite Walt Disney World photos from our very first trip as a family in 2008!

My kids may be growing up too quickly, but they’re still up for some matching-t-shirt-character-meal goodness, and I’m ridiculously excited.

My number one priority…

Rocking out in Animal Kingdom.

Yes, I booked a meal at Crystal Palace to be sure to get some time with Pooh Bear!

Kisses for Mickey – think we can make this photo happen?

Gone are the days of dad towering over Noah.

A girl and her favorite fella.

How tall will they look next to this door now?

And my absolute favorite, which I’ve already been told will not happen. Covered in princess kisses…

These kids. They’re my heart. I can’t wait for one more trip with these babies.

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  • Kristen Addison Stanley

    Oh I am about to break out my a Disney photo albums. It has been far to long since we have been to Disney. We are so excited about the Star Wars attractions. I can not wait to see what you think.