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I will never forget Mrs. Boyer.  Despite the fact that my mom was a doctor, my older brother was a chemical engineering major, and my future sister in law was a biology major, my eleventh grade chemistry class still occasionally drove me absolutely crazy.  Science did not come to me as easily as other subjects, and even though I was going to get an A in the class, that was not enough.  I wanted to really understand everything we had learned.  Mrs. Boyer appreciated the desire in me to learn for the sake of learning, and so she agreed to stay inside during the end of the year Field Day and go over the concepts that were most difficult for me to master.  I still remember her explaining hydrides and anhydrides and to this day picture powdered, instant soup when I think about the latter.  Beyond committed to learning, Mrs. Boyer was fun.  When learning about acids and bases, she took a couple volunteers – myself included – and right there in the middle of the class period we peed on ph strips, all three of us giggling like little kids.  She used to make her own soda long before it was cool, and she would occasionally become an electron, buzzing around the room like a firecracker, bouncing off of our desks.

Educators like Mrs. Boyer deserve the chance to experience special moments just like those they have given their students, so I’m thrilled to announce that Rayovac is once again teaming up with Steve Spangler Science and his team of award-winning teachers to provide three educators entrance into Spangler’s hands-on science institute, Science in the Rockies, July 10-12, 2012.

Teachers Bring Science to Life Contest:

Through May 9, educators at any grade level can nominate themselves for a chance to win one of three admissions by submitting an online essay, up to 300 words, at www.rayovac.com/science , explaining how they inspire students and bring learning to life. From the submissions, three inspirational teachers will be selected by Rayovac to win admission worth $895 to attend Science in the Rockies, where attendees will learn great classroom techniques and engaging experiments sure to inspire and captivate their students. More information, the official contest rules and the entry form can be found at www.rayovac.com/science.

Is there a teacher in your life who deserves to attend this event? Be sure to let them know about the contest so that they have the opportunity to be inspired by fun experiments like…

I am a Rayovac sponsored Blogger.  As part of this program I have received product and monetary compensation.


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  • rose

    I love Science and Mrs. Brown take us to our level to discuss those difficult subject. She was my role model. I’m glad she devoted her time teaching despite the low salary she gets.