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It always seems that just when we are getting ready to finally say goodbye to toys that have moved from old favorites to disregarded, my children are suddenly nostalgic and want to play with them again.  While I love taking a trip down memory lane with them, sometimes we find that the batteries we need are nowhere to be found.  Remember that favorite toy from your child’s baby days that requires D batteries?  Remember that you have only been buying AA’s for the last three years?

Thankfully, Rayovac has us covered with their new Ready Power batteries.  The Rayovac Ready Power line has a 10 year shelf life, far exceeding the 7 year shelf life of previous batteries.  In fact, Rayovac guarantees that their Ready Power batteries will stay fresh for up to 10 years.

Now you can purchase batteries in a variety of sizes and store them in your battery drawer while feeling confident that the next time your kids decide to pull out that old ball popper or game system, you’ll have the batteries you need to power up the fun!

Parents, what is your favorite toy from your own children’s toddler days?

I am a Rayovac sponsored Blogger.  As part of this program I have received product and monetary compensation.  All opinions and persnickety children are my own.


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  • My son had a lot of toddler toys, but I guess my favorite would be the Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Musical Fishbowl with the three balls. He’ is 11 now, and we got one of the first ones they made (I don’t like the newer ones nearly as much). He just loved that thing, would make it wobble and wiggle around and just laugh. I say it’s my favorite because when I think of him being a toddler I think of him laughing and throwing those balls into that thing to make the music come on.