Rayovac 7-Hour Power Product Review

As a Rayovac Power Blogger, I’ve had the opportunity to review several Rayovac products from lanterns we’ve used for camping to flashlights that can get our family through any crazy summer storm power outage.  Today, however, I am reviewing a product that kind of made my summer.  When storms pop up and cause the loss of power for anywhere from a few hours to a few days, we find ourselves struggling to charge our cell phones.  The Rayovac 7-Hour Power comes with and utilizes four AA batteries to charge your USB connector devices, including your phones.  Like the name says, one set of AA batteries charges your device for up to 7 hours providing instant emergency power for your mobile device.  The camera was rolling as I checked it out for the first time…

This post is sponsored as part of the Rayovac Power Blogger program.  All opinions are my own.

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  • This is a must have product for anyone with mobile devices. Plus it isn’t that expensive.