Putting My Heart to Paper with Hallmark

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I spent my first few years of motherhood as a stay-at-home mom, nearly all of my time devoted entirely to my family. I was certain that my kids knew how much they meant to me because I was able to show them from the moment they woke up until the moment they went to sleep. Then as my daughter prepared to begin kindergarten, I launched a work from home business. A few hours a week spiraled into full time, and very quickly I realized that my attention was being pulled in a million directions. In what felt like a blink of the eye, I found myself with two suddenly grown-up elementary students, gone several hours of every day, moving from activity to activity all weekend long. Those hours upon hours spent focused on nothing but each other had disappeared. They weren’t coming back. Life was not slowing down.

I still tell my family every day how much I love them, of course. But a quick “I love you” as they’re heading out the door to school or as I’m running out the door to work isn’t enough.

I’ve never been a big fan of Valentine’s Day, partly because there is so much pressure put on one random day on the calendar, pressure to be the romantic spouse or the fun mom or the amazing gift purchaser. But this year I’m using February 14th as a chance to put my heart to paper and tell the people I love the most just how much they mean to me.

I headed to my local Hallmark Gold Crown Store and immediately found this card that was clearly meant for my eight year old son.

Putting My Heart to Paper

Yes, this Valentine’s Day card is to my son from our cat. We said goodbye to our cat, Tigger, almost exactly a year ago. Last spring we adopted two new kitties including this guy, affectionately known as Lumpy McLumperson…


It’s almost as if Hallmark snuck into my home, put some cool heart glasses on Sir Lump, then put him on a card for my son. I know that Noah is going to flip out with happiness when he sees Lumpy’s twin on his card, and I’m going to use the inside of that card to remind Noah how much I love him.

My girl is a bit trickier because she’s about to turn eleven. Who she is and what she loves seems to change from day to day, but one thing that I can count on is her amazing, kind heart. I can’t wait to share my heart with her while reminding her how much I adore hers…


My husband has been an amazing trooper, first sharing me with two children who demanded all of my attention, then taking an even smaller share of my time as I returned to the work world. But he’s always had my whole heart. I’m putting my heart to paper and reminding him of two things this Valentine’s Day: I’m still the silly jokester he married 14 years ago and he’s still my anchor.



How will YOU put your heart to paper this weekend? Who will you share your heart with…

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