Product Review: Softsoap Ensembles

Every now and again I share with the Resourceful Mommy readers the little resourceful ways I make my home more organized or more beautiful on a budget. You will never see me post about a great new expensive piece of furniture or an exotic drapery treatment. Expensive is just not my style, so when the folks at Softsoap reached out offering to provide affordable style for every sink, I had to give it a try! We already use Softsoap at all of our home’s sinks and for years have simply bought the giant containers of Softsoap to refill our old dispensers. This technique has been great for our hands, but not so great for our decor.

Icky Old Softsoap Dispenser
Softsoap ensembles come in a variety of patterns and scents, and because you save the pump and simply discard and replace the recyclable base, you save money while also bettering the appearance of your home.

My Improved Kitchen

The instructions on the Softsoap Ensembles packaging states that bases cannot be refilled, but I will most likely try to refill ours with our giant Softsoap container from our nearest discount store. That said, because the decorative bases are so much fun and also affordable, I will not reuse them indefinitely. Even someone as resourceful (cheap) as myself should occasionally spice things up with a new soap dispenser. I really like this product!

You’ll like this if: This product is fabulous for those who like to change the look of their home frequently. Fancy soap dispensers can be quite expensive and tend to look worse and worse over time. I also like that there will be more decorative options and nice scents introduced to the line throughout the year.

This is not for you if: If you do not like a thick, moisturizing soap, then Softsoap Ensembles are not for you. Also, these soaps do contain fragrance, so if you need a fragrance free soap, Ensembles are not for you. In our home we have also found that they do not work as well in the children’s bathroom because the dispenser top is removed very easily and accidentally by little, clumsy hands. I would like a sturdier pump for the kids.

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