Preparing Your Family for a Pandemic

Have you heard enough about the Swine Flu yet? You may be worried about this:

(photo credit: Mussles)
But you should be worried about this:
(photo credit: Veganontheedge)
We live in a society where items are readily available, almost around the clock. Prescriptions, gas, a gallon of milk, all easily accessible 24 hours a day. If a pandemic occurs – such as the widespread occurrence of the Swine Flu – then the truck drivers who bring us those items, the stockroom workers who unload those items, and the clerks who sell those items will not be at work.

To prepare your family for the possibility of a temporary shut-down of the American work force, treat this less as a health crisis and prepare as if there is a hurricane bearing down on your home.

We are stocking the following:

  • powdered milk/Organic milk with far away expiration dates
  • canned fruits and veggies
  • a loaf of bread in the freezer
  • bottled water
  • necessary toiletries and prescriptions
  • cereal
  • gas in our cars
  • Dr. Pepper….because not having that would constitute an emergency

What you should not do:

  • call your doctor friend/relative and ask for a Tamiflu prescription. It will be readily available to those who need it if those who don’t need it don’t buy it
  • stay home – continue to use the proper sanitary precautions with your children such as sneezing into elbows and washing your hands thoroughly

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