Post Party: Site Warming Party Follow-Up

The party is over, and everyone has gone home. The prizes have been awarded. Our hashtag #RMLP (yeah!) is no longer on the Twitter radar screen. But it was a good evening, we all met some incredible people, and the best part…we learned so much!

For those of you – like me – who were in such a twitter talespin that you aren’t sure what you learned or who won what, I’ve got the Site Warming Party summary right here for you.

  1. Fierce Hugs Tote – Lisa from
  2. VA Secrets Revealed by Alyssa GregoryMagidraki and @Mommysnacks
  3. Digital book package from Janron Publishing – @queenoftheclick
  4. Ely Organics Gift Card – @Fabrichound
  5. Tote and Tee Gift Card – Terra Jones
  6. Happy Panda Gift Card – @Zenmother
  7. Cherry Blossom Market line from Playskool – @Feelslikehome
  8. Family Safety Report – @Fish4Christ
  9. Admission to New Media Class with @TammyMunson – @Meglyn
  10. Chicken Soup for the Soul: Moms Series donated by Type-A Mom – @KristieMcNealy
  11. Chicken Soup for the Soul: Teens Talk Series donated by Type-A Mom – @workoutmommy
  12. Gratitude Games and Gatherings – @seesawstar
  13. Gift Card to Princess Time Toys – @joegerstandt’s wife!
  14. Gift Card to Hippos Toes – @theappleofmyeye
  15. Kubit2Me – Lil’ Scholars – Ina Byrd
  16. Kubit2Me – Truth or Dare – @ParentingAuthor
  17. Kubit2Me – Now You’re Talkin‘ – @SugarJones
  18. Kids Protection Planning Kits from @AlexisNeely – @slpowell
  19. Apron from @mommastantrum – @Babyluxe
  20. Apron from @mommastantrum – @ToThink
  21. Non-Fiction Book Proposals Anyone Can Write – @mamamotives
  22. Boosting Your Baby’s Brain Power by Susan Heim – @naturalwoman
  23. Helpful Hallie’s Mighty Miracle Mist – @RiddleSpider

Door Prizes – 20% coupon code for Recycle Me Organic Tees

1. @Nikki_S

2. @LookNoHands

3. @juliebonnheath

There were so many great conversations occurring simultaneously last night during the party, and what was so great was the easy flow of information – experts sharing tips with newbies, friends sharing ideas with each other. To see the majority of tweets from the party, go to Summize and type our hashtag, RMLP. Here are just some of the highlights.

Thank you @JeanAnnVK, @JessicaKnows, @ToThink, @Nikki_S, and @modernmami for making up the coolest expert panel I’ve ever seen!

Best Twitter tip?

– @modernmami – Tweet as often as you can and don’t be afraid to reply to questions…get to know as many folks as you can.

– @Nikki_S – Don’t let twitter take over your life LOL!

– @JessicaKnows – Be yourself, promote others more than you promote yourself.

– @JeanAnnVK – Best tip, and this is a secret technique, is to use a one question poll to start a conversation, then make a post with it.

– @ToThink – Best Twit tip is to talk to any1 U want, even if they are “famous”, because putting yourself out there is so important.

Party goers definitely agreed with tweeting to help others more than yourself, something known as “Twitter Kharma,” and added to be sure to thank your followers when they decide to follow your tweets. @ToThink also reminded everyone to just be yourself, be enthusiastic, and don’t worry if not everyone likes you – because they won’t! Everyone has great stories of why someone decided to “unfollow” them. It’s not worth your concern most of the time.

Who has a Paid Job Directly from Tweeting?

– @JessicaKnows – I got my job as Chief Mom Officer for from tweeting! Also was chosen as a Walmart #11moms via tweeting too.

A few non-panelists shared that they, too, have lined up freelance work and referrals through Twitter. @KatjaPresnal even joked about the fact that she has gotten all of her current jobs from tweeting on Twitter!

Best Blog Tips?

– @JessicaKnows – Make your blog comment friendly so conversations ensue & don’t take neg. comments to heart. I mean as in posing your tweets as an open ended question, asking your readers thoughts, keeping open mind.

– @ToThink – Best blogging tip is write what U are passionate about, not what you think will build traffic, the traffic will come

Unless it is the topic of your blog, try to stay away from politics and religion. They can be alienating, and that is most likely not your goal. Another great tip? Give credit where credit is due! One very funny blogger noted that you need to be prepared to give up sleep – and explain to your husband that you are not having an affair.

Should Bloggers Attend Conferences?

– @ToThink -I think there will always be conferences not worth it, but my experience has been that it’s way more than worth it

– @modernmami – Conferences are SO worth it! You make great connections, learn so much and they’re usually really fun!

– @JessicaKnows – Definitely worth it…meeting people in person is amazing & energy at conf. you can’t replicate online

– @Nikki_S – Gathering in one place to bounce ideas off of, network and learn from is essential. Virtual world can only give you so much of that.

Social Media Do’s and Don’ts?

– from party goer and uber-professional @KatjaPresnal – Best Do is to help others, give without asking anything back, be genuine & honest (works outside social media too 🙂

– @JessicaKnows –LinkedIn tips: start slow just like Twitter, in fact, tweet your LinkedIn link and post on Facebook, biz networking

– @Nikki_S – I think the groups you join on LinkedIn are more beneficial than anything. Become active in them

Best Social Media Platforms?

– @JessicaKnows – I’ve got social media platforms I use DAILY twitter, facebook, and LinkedIn, lots of others, those are core

– @modernmami – twitter has been great of course, but I really enjoy delicious to collect resources, post ideas, and share them!

Best Online Accomplishment?

@JessicaKnows – best online accomp. for resume? Chief Mom Officer b/c now I’m opening doors for other moms

– @Nikki_S – Without a doubt becoming Chief Mom Officer for It has opened so many new new doors

How Do You Turn Followers Into Sales?

– @JessicaKnows – How do I turn followers into sales? I don’t treat them like a sale, I treat them like a person

– @ToThink – I just engage people in an honest and authentic way, think about ways I can help them.

– @Nikki_S – I don’t focus on sales. I never focus on sales because I feel people can see who’s looking for a sale vs a connection

How Do You Keep Track of Tweets?

– @JessicaKnows – I keep track of all of my tweets via – and topics, friends, and trends that way too

– @ToThink – I have a select few (friends/influencers) that come to my phone, otherwise only read on twhirl when I’m on

– @Nikki_S – Started using the search function and searching my @Nikki_S plus checking my @Replies more often

How Do You Drive Traffic to Your Blogs?

– @JessicaKnows – Find your niche and passion & then converse with like-minded bloggers

What is the Best Stat Tracker?

– Google Analytics, StatTracker.Com, GetClicky.Com,

Best Blogging Platform?

WordPress won this contest, hands down (especially for SEO), but Blogger received kudos for recent improvements and positive changes.

I know that so many more exchanges went on during the party that may have been missed by Summize or simply didn’t include the hashtag. If you’ve got more to add, here is the place! Please comment your favorite tips and moments from last night!

And here’s to a great party!

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