Portable Power with Rayovac

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CONFESSION: I have a phone with a dreadful battery life.  A couple years ago I had a dinosaur of the smart phone world, and while I took a healthy dose of teasing for my beast, the battery would last for days.  (Days, I tell you!!)  Since making the switch to a sleeker, savvier model, I haven’t had to endure the teasing.

Of course, this could be because my friends can’t find me.  My battery is either dead or I’m sitting somewhere in a corner, my phone plugged in to an outlet.

While it’s important to have a charged cell phone battery in situations ranging from family vacations to work conferences to car pool lines, there are also emergency situations when your dying phone battery needs a boost for your family’s safety.  This is where Rayovac once again saves the day.  The Rayovac 2-Hour Power can provide you with up to 2 hours of additional talk time when your phone’s battery, like mine often does, is falling down on the job.  You don’t have to have a power cord or an outlet.  In fact, the charger uses a Rayovac CR123A battery to provide your phone with power on-the-go, during sudden emergencies, or as a back-up power source during storms.  To ensure that you have power when you need it, just stock the Rayovac CR123A battery, which has a 10 year shelf life.  To use the Rayovac 2-Hour Power, simply insert the battery, turn on the device, and plug it into your mobile device.

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This post is sponsored as part of the Rayovac Power Blogger program.  All opinions are my own.

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