Port Discovery: Review and Coupon

Yesterday I decided to grab what was left of summer and take my children to Port Discovery in Baltimore, MD. The children had an amazing time! We had been to several “please touch” types of children’s museums in the past, but Port Discovery is unique both in scope and presentation. The first activity to grab my attention…and anyone’s entering the building…was the KidWorks climb-on exhibit that fills the entire center of the building.

Because I was the only adult with both my five and three year old, we stuck to the first level only except for when we took advantage of the very long tube slide to go from the 2nd to the 1st floor. It was so much fun!

There are also many other permanent exhibits throughout the museum’s three floors, all of which are described in detail on the Port Discovery website. There was not a single exhibit that my children experienced that they did not like, although they certainly had favorites. Noah’s favorite was most definitely WOW! Wonders of Water. In that special room, children replaced their running shoes with Crocs and put on raincoats -all provided by Port Discovery – so that they can splash and play in various water exhibits without parents worrying about wet clothing. This room provides entertainment for babies who can sit in the provided infant chairs along the water table all the way up to older children (and parents!) who enjoy creating their own plumbing works and watching the water travel from one side of the area to another.

Every time I ask Emma to share her favorite exhibit, she will only answer, “Everything!” but I know that her attention span allowed the most time to be spent at the visiting exhibit, Chagall for Children. This exhibit brings the art of Marc Chagall (1887 – 1985) to life for children, inviting them to interact with the artwork in exciting ways. I have never before seen such an incredible exhibit. The children – even my three year old – moved slowly from painting to painting not only listening to the information piped through the telephones, but thoughtfully participating in the accompanying activities.

At one painting the children were asked to take a puzzle piece version of the art and piece it back together. A painting that includes a blue house suddenly did not have the house, and the children needed to build it again with provided blue blocks. My personal favorite was the giant painting, which my children suddenly joined through the help of provided smocks!

Chagall for Children will be at Port Discovery through September 7th, and Resourceful Mommy readers can see it with a special coupon created just for them – 1/2 price off of general admission with the purchase of one full-priced admission.

For a printable copy of this coupon, please go to http://tinyurl.com/PDcoupon

*Thank you to Port Discovery for not only providing this coupon to my readers, but for the complimentary tickets for myself and two children.

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