Play-Doh – Keeping My Children Little…

Saturday I decided to completely overhaul our sunroom. Our home is average size – a 1973 four level split with four small bedrooms – but we’ve got this incredibly useful addition we call the sunroom. In the far corner of the sunroom, deep down in an awkward, dark cabinet, I’ve been hiding a secret for the last three years.

I kept my daughter’s pre-school art projects. For three years.
Okay, I’m sure I threw some away here and there, but I think it is safe to say that 90% of the raisin glued, sand-sprinkled, bulky crinkly pre-school creations that entered my home eventually made it into that cabinet. I always knew the day would come that I would have to sort through it all and say good-bye to most. With kindergarten looming before me, I knew it was time to move on. I saved the favorites: anything with hand prints, foot prints, or little three year old sloppily handwritten first notes. The rest left quietly in the merciful hands of my husband, headed for trash and recycling.
I didn’t stop with the secret cabinet. I sorted through craft bins tossing dying markers and scribbled upon papers. I packed away little toys that had seen better days. And then I reached the Play-Doh bins.
Play-Doh is often a child’s first favorite activity beyond basic baby toys. Organizing our Play-Doh tools was a way to reflect back on my daughter’s first five years.
– The My Little Pony Play-Doh set – her first and favorite.
– The scrawny, little yellow knife – one of her first tools, and a mommy hand me down from the 80’s.
– The Dora the Explorer press – one of the most well-received stocking stuffers ever!
I know that my children are growing up fast. Emma is now in elementary school with her brother following along in two years.
But there is something comforting about my children’s continued love of Play-Doh. As long as there is Play-Doh in my house, there is also the patter of little feet…
Our Newest Set: Play-Doh Burger Builder
This is Noah’s current favorite! Noah switches out molds to press and create hamburger patties, buns, onion slices, pickles, and more. He especially loves the Twist-a-Chip tool that looks like a pepper mill, but drops little Play-Doh potato chips onto your plate….or the floor, the chair, and the cat’s head if you’re Noah.

Check out more of Play-Doh’s Fall offerings.

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Thank you to Hasbro for allowing our family to review the Play-Doh Burger Builder playset.

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