Pinkalicious Party!

For my daughter’s fifth birthday I spent hours transforming our sunroom into a pink paradise complete with a pink plastic tablecloth drop ceiling, bowls of pink candy, and enough pink cupcakes to turn any little girl a nice, bright pink.  You see, Emma had fallen in love with the book Pinkalicious and could think of nothing else for her celebration.
Now you’re invited to a Pinkalicious Party on Twitter! Join me to learn about the new Pinkalicious products from Jakks Pacific Inc. available exclusively at Walmart as well as the upcoming and delicious Cupcake Day celebration.

Pinkalicious Twitter Party

Where: #Pinkalicious on Twitter

When: Tuesday, November 2nd from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. ET

How: Follow hostess @ResourcefulMom and use the party tag to participate


  • 5 First Place Winners:  Pinkalicious Large Plush Doll + Pinkalicious Book.
  • Grand Prize Winner:  Pinkalicious Large Plush Doll & Goldilicious Unicorn + Small Pinkalicious Plush Doll, Cupcake Activity Easel, Cupcake Decorating Game, Pinkeriffic Fairy Dress Tiara, Slippers, Purse & Gloves and Rear Doll Seat Bicycle.

To Enter to Win

To enter to win, visit and create a free account where it says “Join”, then return to this post and leave a comment.  Entrants must be present at the Twitter Party to be eligible to win.

Check out the amazing new products in the Pinkalicious line during this interview with Pinkalicious creator, Victoria Kann.


About Pinkalicious

Millions of young girls have been inspired and entertained by one of their favorite characters, Pinkalicious™, since the first book in the series by Victoria Kann, was published in 2006.  With over 5 million copies sold and 35 weeks on the New York Times Best Seller List, the Pinkalicious™ series published by HarperCollins includes the original best seller, “Pinkalicious” and as well as “Purplicious,” “Goldilicious” and five early readers. The highly anticipated 4th picture book, “Silverlicious”, will be available winter 2011. In 2010, Pinkalicious and her Pinkatastic world come off the pages and into the lives of young girls.  A full Pinkalicious collection of dolls, dress up and activities celebrate all things pink while showing that being yourself is best of all.

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  • Cant wait… my daughter loves pink.

  • My little girl just showed me her book wishlist for her school’s bookfair & she really wanted this book! (and her birthday is Nov. 3rd) I really hope I’ll win this! I’ll be at that Twitter party haha =)

    • at the party now, joined the Pinkalicious site, and ready to have soem fun!

      my twitter name is vi3ti3abe btw

  • I joined love it and cant wait for this pink party : )

  • So excited for this party! I am taking my daughter with a group of her friends and their moms on December 4th. Love this book and can’t wait to see it on stage.

  • @butterfly1979_2

    Joined! Looking forward to the party!

  • Sadie

    my girls will be so excited for this party

  • Sadie

    I also joined

  • Linda

    Such a cute site!

  • Linda

    Cute site!!!

  • What a great giveaway for girls!! Thanks! 🙂

  • Joined the Website.

  • Kari

    This party looks Pinktastic;) I can’t wait to come.

    • Kari

      my twitter name is @flbeachbumz

  • Michelle Cooper

    Joined the website, can’t wait for the party! 🙂

  • My daughter’s both love Pinkalicious and Purplelicious books. Cannot wait for the party!!

  • Carla

    Can’t wait! Thanks

  • JoeyfromSC

    SO cute! I know the perfect little girl to give the prizes too for Christmas if I’m lucky enough to win..I just hope my laptop will be fixed by then lol

    I joined the Pinkalicious website!!:)

    Tweet y’all there!


  • Can’t wait! Thanks for the invite!

  • should be fun!

  • I joined the site. I love Pinkalicious! Mariah will enjoy this series.

  • Kailey B

    Joined! Kailey2004 is my screenname on the site <3

  • @glassfishie

    I joined! It looks like fun!

  • Donna S

    cant wait for the party

  • Cathie

    Joined up. My girl likes these books. s/n on the site is katiesmom and my twitter name is @greatmasteryoda

  • Lisa Collins

    This sounds like a wonderful party! lisamc7 is my screen name on the ThinkPink site!

  • Tiffany @kygurl62689

    I joined the site 🙂 I absolutely love Pinkalicious and so does my 5 year old niece! I will definitely be there! @kygurl62689

  • JanetandMaya

    Maya and I joined Pinkalicious – username JanetandMaya

    Sounds like a fun party!

  • Anita G.

    See you there!!

  • Kelly

    Can’t wait for the party. Thanks! 🙂


  • @marcysmom

    I visited and created a free account! Love this!!


  • Amy Brewer

    I signed up with the user name makeetis. My daughter loved the site. She said it was pink and

  • I set up an account for my daughter (under zippieee). She is all about pink!! I think I will have to get the ….Pinkititis Small Soft Doll and the Pinkalicious: Love, Pinkalicious: A Reusable Sticker Book for her stocking . Thanks for this party…I have never heard of this before.
    Sounds like so much fun. Can’t wait!!


  • Luann K.

    I’ll be there.

  • I just joined the site as Cheerios Underfoot. 🙂

  • Sara Phillips

    I created an account at Pinkalicious!!


  • Cindy Dawkins

    I joined the Pinkalicious website – can’t wait for the party! @Dawkinscj

  • Heather

    I joined pinkalicious

  • I RSVP’ed but wasn’t sure if it’s open to Canada.

  • Summer

    All Signed Up!

  • All signed up on the Pinkalicious website as lilac_the_bunny. So excited for this party-niece is hoping for a princess birthday and this will be perfect!

  • Can’t wait for this one both of my neices have Pinkalicious on their lists!

  • HappyMomC

    Signed up! Can’t wait!

  • Our favourite book to read! Signed up and will be there tonight.

  • Sooo excited about this party! And would love to see photos of your party decorations. I have 2 months to plan my little one’s Pinkalicious party!

  • I joined! This is the message I got: “Congratulations lifeonprint, you are a certified member of the Magical Pinkatastic World of Think Pinkalicious!”


  • I’m so there!

  • Kim C

    Just joined!

  • Very cool…can’t wait for the party!
    See ya there!

  • I have to work tonight… but I really hope I can drop by. My five-year-old just had a chance to dress up as Pinkalicious for Halloween!

  • We are SO excited, my daughter loves this series!

  • julie

    I signed up on the pinkalicious site @waterbluffy

  • julie

    Pinkalicious Large Soft Doll are so cute love everything i saw and the art easel

  • julie

    I rsvp will be their tonight love their site

  • Christine

    I joined with the username justicecw. Looking forward to the party! 🙂

  • Cannot wait for the Pinkalicious Party tonight!!! We love everything and anything Pinkalicious in this 3 girls vs 1 man household 🙂

  • I joined =) Will be there tonight @ChaoticKarma23 .. Can’t wait!

  • Anna

    Just signed up , ooops I should of put @youbrokethis very excitied! 🙂

  • Dana

    I joined with the username Ladybug17. I’m looking forward to the party! 🙂

  • Rachel B.

    Joined pinkalicious at their site under rbenson1011. Cant wait for the party tonight!

  • Julie Davis

    I joined pinkalicious under the name julie1351

  • Jennifer Evans

    Cannot wait, I love Pinkalicious!
    Joined under username my4glamgirlz

  • I joined Pinkalicious under the username of Forever Charmed!

  • I joined pinkalicious – username euregirls

  • Mary-Frances C.

    Cute party!
    Joined under the name “azmarry”

  • Paula Pawlak

    Joined super cute!!! Look forward to seeing you all tonight!

  • Michelle S

    I joined ThinkPinkalicious 🙂 Looking forward to tonight’s party @rsj2000mrs

  • Looking forward to the party, thanks!

  • shawna

    I joined pinkalicious and can’t wait for the party!

  • I’m registered on the Pinkalicious website as Mystic. Will be at the party! RSVP’d @Mystic_Sorrow

  • Patricia Alner

    So excited about this party. I rsvpd and tweeted as @trisha71478

  • I’ve joined! My 6 year old LOVES pinkalicious!!

  • Jess

    I joined, Thanks!

  • Congratulations jshallow01, you are a certified member of the Magical Pinkatastic World of Think Pinkalicious!

  • We registered with MiscMayzee.

  • monica carbajosa

    My daughter is a huge pinkalicious fan we have seen the broadway show in nyc twice and we have all the books.

  • heather wilbanks

    sooo excited for this party!!

  • Carlene

    The Pinkalicious site is so cute! I am thinking of buying my little girl the books- she is into all sorts of pink, princessy things. And cake.

  • I joined!

  • Kristy

    I joined thanks!!!

  • I’m flying off tot he store if I fly back in time I will fly by to say * hi *

  • We LOVE LOVE LOVE Pinkalicious over here! Fun!

  • CAN’T WAIT for this party

  • i joined as bkokc00

  • I joined under waylandcook

  • Amanda @beeacutie2

    i have jo9ined! this is sucha cute book my neices love her!

  • shelby

    all signed up! @smlcfh

  • signed up!

  • I love the book, can’t wait for the TwitterParty and definitely joined ThinkPinkalicious as momma_money.

  • paula i joined them!!

  • Crystal Brocious

    joined and ready to psarty!


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    i joined the #Pinkalicious site like you said to win!

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  • Melissa Lawrence

    @2boysblue Sometimes I wonder if it is possible to love the color pink any more than I already do! 😉

  • What’s not to love about pinkalicious! My 5 year old DD’s fave bedtime story.

  • @SunRae17

    i joined

  • pontowd

    all signed up. adorable site

  • I joined.Time for a Pinkalicious party:)WOOTWOOT!

  • Just joined the Pinkalicious site (as CurlySue) and Rsvp’d (Rachel_L). YAY!

  • ohsothriftygal

    My DD loves Pinkalicious!

  • Jeannine m

    joined 🙂

  • leahsmama Amy

    Oops a little late, but I’m on my way!

  • playing along! thanks!

  • Randi K

    I joined and RSVP’d 🙂 Can’t wait

  • manda v

    So excited to party with you tonight! @MandaPanda429

  • carlo

    I am now a certified member of Pinkalicious!

  • Dawn

    I rsvp and went to the site and joined…this is gonna be so much fun

  • crystal allen

    i joined! thanks @clallen1971

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    I joined.

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    I joined.

  • Melissa Fowler

    So excited for this party!

  • manda v

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    Signed up on the site under caitbellleigh

  • @mandied79

    Joined pinkalicious! Such a cute site!

  • I joined their site and im at the party brianswifey05

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    Joined! – @elivya

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    joined @la_jeweles

  • Heather M @3girlspr

    hope im not too late! :)….. Im always at least 20 minutes behind schedule

  • Very excited – love Pinkalicious at our house!


  • Hello! I am joining tonight 🙂

  • Jennifer

    Love pinkaliscious and im joining the party!

  • Natalie Crue

    I am here now! TY!

  • thought I rsvp’d already! AHH!

  • kim litchford

    I signed up on Pinkalicious. I am looking forward to the party. I am @researchformoms

  • I just entered

  • You get what you get and you don’t get upset…

  • love pinkalicious, sorry to be joining so late!

  • I’m so bummed! I missed the party 🙁

  • Harriett Daniel

    It is is toss up between the brownies and the red velvet cake!

  • Tara Thompson

    Huge fan of Pinkalicious! working on hosting a Pinkalicious 5th birthday party for my daughter.