Picnik Premium Review

I have been singing the praises of Picnik for almost a year now, but it’s time to turn up the volume on the song…I am now using Picnik Premium!

My first introduction to Picnik came when I began using the program to edit photos uploaded on Flickr. The free version of Picnik available through Flickr was fabulous – the best free photo editing tool I had found thus far – so I frequently tweeted about it on Twitter and showed my edited pictures on Twitpic. The folks at Picnik noticed and offered me a free 6 month trial subscription to Picnik Premium.

Access to all of those goodies that were taunting me on Flickr? You bet!

With Picnik Premium you can do anything from creating professional quality collages…

to touching up photos (yes…I removed wrinkles)

to doodling on your favorite pictures. I also love to use Picnik to create all of my graphics from site buttons to headers – even the graphics at the top and bottom of this post! Here’s a little trick that I use – If you save a plain color graphic in a basic program such as Paint as a jpeg, you can upload it to Picnik and edit it just like a photograph. That is precisely how I created my Resourceful Mommy header, navigation buttons, and site badge. I also used Picnik to create the following:

I have loved Picnik for a long time, but now that I have tried Picnik Premium, there is no going back. At the end of my six month trial I will most definitely purchase the service to continue enjoying all of its great features. After all, once a girl finds a way to remove wrinkles, there’s no turning back…

This is for you if…You enjoy using online tools, you like to edit and share digital photographs, or you create graphics for a blog, reports, or presentations.

This is not for you if…You are already using top of the line photo editing software, you do not enjoy using web-based tools, or your computer cannot run Flash.

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