The Perfect Parent Present: Pandigital Photo Mail Digital Photo Frame

When I became a mother nearly eight years ago, I very much looked forward to staying home with my baby girl, spending our days together exploring the world around us.  What I couldn’t anticipate, however, was how hard it would be to have my husband an hour and a half away at work every day for eleven or even twelve hours at a time. There were so many moments that he missed.  Once our son came along those moments were multiplied, especially once the two kids began to interact.  Luckily, part way through our daughter’s first year we bought our very first digital camera making photo sharing a little easier, but nothing I had as a young parent can begin to compare to the Pandigital Photo Mail Digital Photo Frame.

We received this digital photo frame from AT&T to review, and now my husband can be a part of our afternoons at the park, Thursday piano lessons, and morning bus stop shenanigans while sitting at his desk.  The frame was simple to set up, which is good because he is the more technologically challenged of the two of us (and I was not going in to his office to set up his frame!).  The Photo Mail Frame connects automatically to the AT&T Wireless network and can receive pictures immediately.  To send the photos to my husband’s frame, I simply need to email them to his dedicated email address, and then he chooses to accept them.  My husband’s first 60 photos were included in the price of the frame, but we can purchase more photo allotments at

Key Features

  • Large 8″ back-lit LED display in 800×600 resolution.
  • 1 GB internal memory for storage of photos. When using the frames memory optimization mode up to 6400 photos can be stored.
  • Display in Portrait or Landscape position; standing or hang on wall. Pictures automatically rotate to the frames portrait or landscape position.
  • Programmable for specific on/off times.
  • Side-load photos too. Using the 6-in-1 media card reader (CF, SD, xD, MS, MSPro, and MMC), USB drive (flashdrive or direct connect with computer), and mini-USB (connect with camera) ports. Media formats accepted are JPEG (up to 16 megapixels), AVI, MP3.
  • No stretching or shrinking of photos! 4:3 aspect ratio preserves the original format of photos ensuring they are not stretched, shrunk, or cropped.

Other Features

  • Remote Control allowing for easy use/programming of a frame mounted in a position where controls may be difficult to reach
  • Built-in speakers allowing frame to playback AVI video clips and MP3 music files
  • Calendar, clock, and alarm
  • Real wood frame suitable for display at home or work
  • Change the Frame’s email address to an easier to remember address
  • Brightness and color setting can be changed
  • Wi-Fi connection to photo sharing sites
  • Bluetooth compatible

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The Photo Mail frame was provided by AT&T for review. All opinions are my own and no other compensation was provided.

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