Perdue Giveaway

Over the past year I’ve had the pleasure of hosting parties for Perdue, a brand that I grew up enjoying and one that I now purchase for my own family.  Because of this, I was excited to learn that Perdue is the first poultry company to receive the USDA process verified seal.  As parents, we are all very careful about what we will feed our children, but knowing what is safe can be difficult and downright confusing.  Companies that work hard to receive these sorts of seals of approval make our job as parents that much easier.  The USDA Process Verified Seal indicates that the USDA has audited the company’s processes behind claims made on the product’s packaging – so consumers know they can trust it. Perdue’s USDA Process Verified programs include “All Vegetarian Diet,” “No Animal Byproducts” and “Raised Cage Free”.

To celebrate this achievement, Perdue has launched the Perdue Verifiably Good Contest, with $5,000 in cash and prizes.  If you’re interested in entering, visit Good luck!  And I hope to see you all at our next Perdue Twitter Party Wednesday, March 2nd.

Written by: Amy

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