Parenting in the Wild

Last week I set out on a three day expedition into the wilds of parenting.  I traveled against my will to the land of Consecutive Snow Days.  I learned early on in my journey that it was safest to keep a reasonable distance, let them roam freely.  Periodically I offered food, something to drink, and even on occasion chose board games to slide into their territory…quietly so that I could assure a quick escape.

At times I heard terrible noises, but afraid, I stayed away.  I’m fairly sure it was only laughter.  And as every parent knows, the quiet is usually far worse.

On some days the conditions did not allow travel outside of the walls of the compound, but when we were able to venture out, they did strange things including building an idol to the snow, which they decorated with buttons, root vegetables, sticks, and other trinkets.

Finally, the journey ended and they were released back to their natural habitat: school.  It could not have come soon enough.  I feared from time to time that the situation could quickly turn Lord of the Flies and end badly, chaos winning out, my power overturned, stuffed animals on sticks.

They’re sleeping peacefully now, and I watch the radars, hoping to not need to journey back into the wild any more this season…

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