OrganizHer by Mead – Product Review

Once upon a time I was a fairly organized person. I enjoyed filling in the squares of my lesson planner, creating a weekly menu, and managing my Christmas card list.

Then I became a mom.

I feel like I have spent the last six years trying to find the right product line to move me from that-lady-with-stacks-of-sticky-notes to that-lady-who-is-so-organized-it’s-shocking. Earlier this year I reviewed the Do-It-Yourself Planner from Go Mom, Inc., and I continue to enjoy that planner very much. That said, when I was offered the chance to try a collection of other types of organization products, I jumped at the chance. It’s going to take an army of products to get this work-at-home mom in tip top shape.

Introducing the new OrganizHer line by Mead!

Expense Tracker

One of the challenges of running an at-home business is keeping financial documents and records separate from family receipts and budget. A simple pen and paper ledger are not enough, and online programs still require the occasional print-out. I really like the undated folders that allow me to start where I am now, not at a pre-dated month. This organizer is also incredibly beautiful. I spend so much of my time in my work space. The things that I keep in it need to be useful and attractive. While I’m using my OrganizHer Expense Tracker for my business, it would also work perfectly for a family’s budget needs.

Wall Calendars – Month to Month Family Wall Calendar and Week to Week Magnetic Notepad
Right now I am in the process of deciding what calendar system will work best for my family. We have the complication of my ever-changing work schedule to add into our already hectic family schedule, and my husband is forever asking me “what’s coming up this week.” I especially love that the reusable stickers of the month to month wall calendar allow me to carry over regularly scheduled activities such as soccer and choir practice. I also again love that the months are undated. Currently the plan for the week to week magnetic notepad is to fill in the family schedule information along with my work information, then remove that page for my husband to keep at work. It is probably far more practical to have an online system for this particular task, but as digital as I am, I continue to prefer a pen and paper scheduling system. It simply looks and feels better to me.

Month to Month Family Desk Calendar
I grew up with a stay-at-home dad who liked to maintain a monthly desk calendar. It turns out that stay-at-home dads are not particularly fond of beautiful wallet style organizers that they can carry in their purses. 😉 I’ve always loved the utilitarian desk calendar. Big. Obvious. Helpful. I know that the family desk calendar is going to be incredibly useful, and I’m happy to say that the OrganizHer version is beautiful, not just useful. My only wish is that it were bigger like the giant desk calendars I remember encompassing my dad’s entire work surface.

Write ‘N Wipe Meal Center
Of all of the OrganizHer products I was given to review, this is my hands down favorite. My husband and I work together on meal planning, he does the grocery shopping, and I most often prepare the food. Somewhere in that daily we process, we often forget exactly what we planned for the week. This system allows us to use the wipeable surface to record the week’s menu and the magnetic notepad to create a grocery list. And just like the other products, it’s just so darned good-looking hanging in my kitchen!

The OrganizHer line by Mead, including products not reviewed here, is available nationwide at most Target stores. The products reviewed in this post range in price from $6.99 to $14.99.

Thank you to Mead for sending the products for my review. I will absolutely be checking out the rest of the line during my next trip to Target!


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  • Megan

    I'm with you on pen + paper for scheduling. I love all of my digital toys, but I do so much better when I write out a schedule by hand!

  • andrea

    i love the feeling of physically crossing off something on my list! As much as I love my google calendar and blackberry, nothing compares to the pen!!