Only in a Woman’s World

Have you heard about Only in a Woman’s World? You may have caught a webisode on the evening entertainment news or even heard about this fun new project through some of your favorite mom bloggers who were flown in for the debut!


Frito-Lay has decided that 2009 is the year of the woman…haven’t we known that all along? 😉


To celebrate women – the good, the bad, the not-so-pretty first thing in the morning – they have launched their first campaign inspired by women. Each animated webisode brings us those humorous moments that we can all related to. Covering topics such as diet and beauty, snacking and exercise, you’ll see a little bit of yourself in each segment. And by the way – I’m totally Cheryl!


If you want to see what all of the buzz is about, check out the latest episode on You Tube, and don’t forget to go register and play around at Only in a Woman’s World!

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