Oh, the Places Moms Go

With sincerest apologies to Dr. Seuss…


We have brains in our heads

And feet in our pumps

Sometimes we look awesome

Sometimes it’s all frump

We’re on our own and we know what we know

We make every decision about where things go

We run our own businesses

Run the house, too

Our day doesn’t end

When your day is through

With the brains in our heads

And the kids at our feet

We decide what they wear

We decide what they eat

We wash them and brush them and head out the door

Then after school drop off we head to the store

We run errands

And meetings

And all the health care

When it gets crazy

We’ll want to slow down

Which makes us wish

We could head straight out of town


It’s opener there in the wide open air

But our to-dos keep us from ever going there



Be your name Mama, or Mommy, or Mom

Or just WHERE IS THAT? which we know is the norm

You’re doing great things!

Things that have to be done

And you’ll keep on doing those things

Whether or not they are fun


Today is your day!

Your mountain (of laundry) is waiting.

So…get on your way!




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