October on Babble’s Disney Voices

I attended what I would describe as a fairly intense, serious university.  In every class I was surrounded by future lawyers and politicians.  A justice class could turn into a fight to the death and a fellow student once called me a fascist during a philosophy class.  So imagine my utter joy when I was able to finally take a few creative writing courses.  I had the opportunity to write ridiculous fables and page upon page of my life from the point of view of a pencil.  Bliss.

I feel the same relief and joy when I write six times a month for Babble’s Disney Voices.  For those moments I’m not writing copy for a marketing client or delving deep into my emotions.  I’m just enjoying the fun that Disney brings to my life and the lives of others.


This month I got to write a couple incredibly silly collection posts.  Want to escape? (take me with you!) Stop by and see which Disney characters I’d like to be for a day.  We aren’t huge Halloween buffs in my home, but we do take the candy aspect of the holiday pretty seriously.  Check out which candies I’m inspired to buy because of Disney characters.  Finally, my personal favorite this month was 16 Beauty Tips from Disney Princesses.  Grab your snarfblatt and pop on over.

Of course, it’s not all silly all the time.  You may think that you know all there is to know about New Fantasyland, but I’ve got 13 facts that you may not have heard!  There’s also been a lot of buzz about the new Disney MagicBands that are rolling out in Disney Parks.  My family got its first look at the bands this month, and I shared it in My First Disney MagicBand.”

Happy reading!

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